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What to know about Denver airport United lounges

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    As of October 2023, Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States. Whether you’re flying out of Denver or just passing through for a connection, you may want a place to relax while waiting for your flight. There are several Denver airport lounges, with two full-service United Club℠ airport lounges and a United Club Fly.

    Benefits of airport lounges

    Airport lounges can offer a respite from the usual hustle and bustle of an airport and may offer more comfortable seating, a quieter place to get work done, and typically complimentary drinks and snacks. Considering the sheer magnitude of the Denver airport, lounges might offer a welcome watering hole as you travel from one gate to the other.

    These private lounges may offer various other amenities, like Wi-Fi, showers, spa treatments or even toys and books for children. What you’ll find in a lounge depends on the size, location and who owns it. Airport lounges are generally affiliated with credit cards, airlines and alliances or are independently owned.

    Ways to access United Club locations at Denver airport

    • Same day boarding pass: You must have a same-day boarding pass for a United (or Star Alliance airline) flight to access a United Club location.
    • Credit card membership: One of the ways to gain membership is through the United Club Infinite Card.
    • Paid membership: Another way to gain membership is by paying for a United Club membership with either cash or miles.
    • One-time passes: If you don’t travel often enough to commit to a yearly membership, you may want to consider purchasing a United Club one-time pass for access to any United Club location. United Explorer cardmembers receive two United Club one-time passes per year.

    United airport lounges in Denver

    If you’re in the Denver airport and looking for a spot to unwind, you have several United lounges to choose from:

    United Club Concourse A West

    Location: Concourse A, near gate A25
    Hours: 5 AM - 9:30 PM daily
    Amenities: Full-service bar, complimentary snacks, Wi-Fi

    United Club Concourse B West

    Location: Concourse B, near gate B32
    Hours: Temporarily closed (as of Oct. 2023)
    Amenities: Full-service bar, complimentary snacks, Wi-Fi

    United Club Concourse B East

    Location: Concourse B, near gate B44
    Hours: 5 AM - 9:30 PM daily
    Amenities: Full-service bar, complimentary snacks, Wi-Fi

    United Club Fly

    The United Club Fly in Denver is United’s first-ever lounge of this type. It’s designed to cater to travelers with tight connections who just want to grab and go. There’s very limited seating, as it’s not expected you’ll be spending much time there.

    There are glass subway-style gates that open when eligible travelers scan their boarding passes. Anyone eligible for United Club or United Polaris lounge access is eligible for Club Fly, but unlike other United clubs, you are unable to bring guests.

    Location: Concourse B east, near gate B60
    Hours: 7 AM - 8 PM daily
    Amenities: Coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, pre-packaged sandwiches and snacks

    Other Denver airport amenities

    In addition to lounges at Denver airport, there are also over 170 shops, restaurants and services available. A few highlights include:

    • Eat local: Try out one of the local restaurants that have opened inside of Denver airport to get a feel for the local cuisine.
    • Drink local: Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival, so consider grabbing a cold one brewed with that Rocky Mountain water (if you’re 21 or older, of course!).
    • Take in the view: If your layover is around sunset, head to Concourse C for some spectacular views of the sun setting among the mountains. 
    • Relax: Travel can be tough on the body, so head over to the spa in Concourse A for a massage.
    • Become a conspiracy theorist: Denver airport is known for its extensive (and sometimes bizarre) artwork, which has fed a host of conspiracy theories, ranging from the slightly weird to the way, way out-of-left-field. While these conspiracy theories are debunked and mostly referenced just in good fun, you can still spend quite a bit of time checking out a range of interesting artwork throughout the entire airport. At the very least, you might end up with a good selfie or two.

    In summary

    When it comes to Denver airport lounges and amenities, it’s not too difficult to kill some time before a flight. Relax in one of the numerous United Club lounges or check out some artwork before you eat and drink like a local. If you’re short on time, stop by the United Club Fly for a quick grab-and-go snack.

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