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Buying a home


Start the homebuying journey with confidence and the essential knowledge of what may be needed to close the deal.

Buying for the first time? These tips may help guide you

Homebuying can be the largest purchase many make in their lifetime. Learn more about the first steps that may make the process easier.

Lender credit, explained

Lender credit offers homeowners a way to manage their closing costs. Learn how lender credits work, the pros and cons of using them, and when to consider them.

Probate sale: Definition, how it works and more

A probate sale occurs when a property must be sold after the owner passes away. Learn about the process and why buying a probate property may be right for you.

Buyer’s market vs. seller’s market in real estate, explained

The real estate market can be looked at as a buyer's market or a seller's market. Learn about the difference between buyer's and seller's market and more.

Understanding more about financing a home

Explore financial education