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Finding a home


Understand what may be right for you, whether new construction, an older home or a move to a neighborhood you love.

Get the pros and cons you need to help decide

Start by understanding the basics of home ownership and the questions to ask when viewing a home.

Desert homes: A homebuyer's guide

Desert homes offer stunning natural views and a warm climate. Read more to learn what a desert house is and evaluate the pros and cons of living in the desert.

Lease option: Definition, how it works, pros and cons

A lease option enables a tenant to rent a home before buying it. Learn how a lease with option to buy works and the pros and cons for buyers and sellers.

SOFR: what is it and how does it work?

SOFR serves as a benchmark interest rate for loans. Keep reading to learn why SOFR exists, how it works, and its direct impact on mortgage rates.

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