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Small ways to clean your car that make a big difference

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    Drivers who typically focus on getting their cars from point A to point B may find themselves neglecting everyday cleanliness and maintenance. Visiting the car wash or doing a DIY deep clean may sink to the bottom of your to-do list, but there are ways to care for your vehicle that take only about 15 minutes (but can make a world of difference).

    Tip one: Get rid of the garbage 

    Getting rid of piled up on-the-go garbage is one of the simplest ways to tidy up the interior of your car. We all have old water bottles, coffee cups, napkins, and coupon books that we left hanging and thought we’d take care of at another time. It’s time to dig into your glove compartment, console and any other hidden areas where you might find some stowaways. Before you know it, your once cluttered car is feeling brand new. To prevent build up, you can opt to keep a small garbage bag on board.

    Tip two: Hose off the car

    Rinse off your car with a hose if you’re looking for a quick way to bring back the shine. A quick rinse knocks off excess dirt and preps the car for a thorough scrub. If you’re running short on time, a quick rinse will at least get rid of any dirt and grime.

    Tip three: Wipe down the exterior

    Take a microfiber towel and a trusted waterless car wash spray to wipe down the exterior of your car including hot spots like the hood, trunk and bumpers. Microfiber towels make better, gentler contact with your car for a scratch-free scrub. Try to avoid the windows — you’ll need a glass cleaner for a streak-free clean.

    Finally, let’s not forget the tires — they can be an eyesore after bad weather. A bristle brush, soap and warm water are all you need to make your rims shine.

    Tip four: Shake or vacuum off the floor mats 

    Looking for another way to spruce up the inside of your car? Take a close look at the floor mats. Floor mats take the brunt of the dirt and grime that enters your car. If you’re limited on time, simply pick up the mat and shake it off outside. You’ll be surprised how much better they look! For a deeper clean, vacuum each floor mat after shaking them out.

    Some car owners go a step further and treat them with stain remover and a quick cycle in the washing machine. Check to see if the material is washer safe and that your washer is large enough before moving forward with this step.

    Tip five: Wipe down windows

    As we mentioned earlier, your windows will need their very own product: in comes glass cleaner to save the day (and your windows from streaks). Spray the interior and exterior windows with the product and wipe them down using another microfiber towel or cloth. Roll the windows down to get rid of any trapped dirt or grease at the top.

    Tip six: Wipe down the interior

    The center console, gear shift and steering wheel are some of the most common areas that you touch during your drive — meaning they’re also full of germs, oils, and dirt. You can use a multi-surface cleaner and paper towels or microfiber to clean these problem areas in less than five minutes.

    Cleaning your car doesn’t have to be a big time or money commitment. A microfiber towel, a bristle brush and two cleaning sprays can get the job done in no time. These six tips are among many easy ways to get your car looking, feeling and smelling clean!

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