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Rewards and benefits


There are many ways to earn and redeem points -- from loyalty programs to cash back points that offer flexible redemption options.

The perks and the points

Flights, car rentals and hotel stays may be the best known benefits of credit card reward programs, but points can be redeemed for much more.

rewards and benefits
Choosing Augusta, GA hotels for the Masters

If you’re looking for Augusta, GA hotels ahead of the Masters learn more about what to keep in mind before booking.

rewards and benefits
Minute Suites BWI: What to Know

At Baltimore Washington International Airport, Minute Suites can provide travelers with a private and serene space to relax before or after their trip. Learn about Minute Suites at BWI.

rewards and benefits
Minute Suites Philadelphia: What to Know

Minute Suites at Philadelphia International Airport are private suites where travelers can nap, relax, work, shower or spend the night. Learn more about Minute Suites in PHL.

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