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Budgeting and saving


Budgeting tools and tips help make the most out of your paycheck and help build savings for big purchases or emergencies.

Plan your budget and build savings

Developing a savings habit takes commitment and resolve. Whether you’re looking to boost savings in the short-term or work on long-term goals, consider these ideas and strategies.

budgeting and saving
What is the average cost of adoption?

There are various costs to consider when growing your family, including through adoption. Learn more about the costs associated with different types of adoption.

budgeting and saving
A look at the average American’s monthly expenses

The average American spends $6,080 a month on expenses and bills. Learn how you measure up and how you may reduce your monthly expenses.

budgeting and saving
How to identify and stop overspending

Overspending may hurt your savings, credit and even relationships. Learn how to identify when you’ve started overspending and take concrete steps to stop it.

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