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Auto maintenance


Car repairs can be expensive, so being prepared for them helps in making decisions to ensure a vehicle's longevity and safety.

Basic car repair and maintenance tips

Remember that all cars need regular checkups and keeping a consistent maintenance schedule can help keep it running at its best.

maintaining a car
How to remove tree sap from a car

If tree sap has settled on your car, read through the steps outlined in this article to safely remove it with the right cleaning products.

maintaining a car
What does curb weight mean?

Curb weight and gross weight are important terminology to know as a car buyer. Learn more about what each term means and how to find out more about this information.

maintaining a car
Cabin filter vs. air filter: What’s the difference?

Car air filters such as the engine air filter and cabin filter play a role in clearing the air in your vehicle. Read on to find out more about the differences.

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