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Frequently Asked Questions about Payments



How can I make a one-time payment online?

  • Sign in and click on your auto account and choose “Pay loan.”
  • Choose your “Pay from account,” “Payment date” and your “Payment amount.”
  • You can pay the amount due, other amount or principal only.
  • If you want to pay more than your amount due and want the extra applied to only reduce your principal balance, choose “Amount due” and specify the additional amount in the principal only box.
  • If you choose "Other Amount", your payment will be applied to the monthly payment due. If nothing is due, the payment will be applied to principal.
  • Choose “Pay this bill” when you’ve finalized your amounts on the next screen, review the details and select “Pay it” to submit the payment.


NOTE: Don't use the one-time payment option to make a payoff as this will cause delays in posting the payoff. Refer to the loan payoff FAQs for more information on how to make a payoff online.


There are several ways to pay your auto account.

How can I set up automatic payments online?

  1. To set up “Automatic payments,” sign in, choose your auto account and select “Pay loan" and follow online prompts.
  2. Review the details and click “Set up” to complete the process.

Watch an informational video on how to set up automatic payments here.

How do I add a non-Chase checking account to my payments online?

To add an external account, sign in and select “Pay & transfer” or “Pay bills” and follow online prompts.


How long does it take to post my payment to my auto account?


How long it takes a payment to be visible on your account depends on how the payment was submitted to us.


In general, payments will be credited to the account as of the day they're received by Chase as long as they're received during business hours or for online payments prior to the processing cut-off time.  In some cases, missing or incomplete information may cause delays.

How can I see if a payment has been applied to my account?

  1. To see if a payment has been applied to your account, sign in to and select your auto account to review your transaction history, which will appear under the account summary information.
  2. Payments will appear in the transaction history once they're applied to your account.

Why hasn’t my overnight payment posted to my account yet?


Posting overnight payments generally takes up to 3 business days if all the account information needed to post the payment is included. There may be delays if your payment is missing information, such as your account number or name.


Note: If the payment was accepted, even though posting may be delayed, the payment will be applied effective the date it was received for processing.

How is my payment allocated to my account?


For Loans: Any payment received is first applied to any interest due, then to any principal due and then any outstanding fees. After satisfying the amount due and fees, any remaining amount is applied to reduce the principal balance.

Click here to watch an online video about payment allocation.


For Lease: The payment is first applied to any amount due on the account, then any outstanding fees.  Any amount remaining will be applied to the next payment due.  Note: Paying more than the amount due will not reduce the amount you are required to pay over the life of the lease.

Can I cancel a payment that was previously scheduled online?


You can cancel a payment you've scheduled online as long as the payment isn't already in a "Sent" or "Complete" status. 


To cancel a one time payment you scheduled online:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Choose "Pay & Transfer" and from the drop-down select "Payment activity."
  3. Choose Auto loans/leases under MY CHASE PAYMENTS (PENDING/PAST).
  4. Select "Cancel" on the payment you want to cancel and confirm that you want to cancel on the next screen.
    • Sign in to
    • Choose "Pay & Transfer."
    • Choose "Automatic payments" under MY CHASE PAYMENTS (PENDING/PAST).
    • Choose your Auto account from the drop-down menu under "See automatic payments."
    • Choose "Turn off" on the next screen and confirm that you want to turn off on the next screen.

Note: The cutoff time to cancel a payment is:


  • 11:00 PM Eastern time on any business day for payments from a Chase checking or prepaid account
  • 8:00 PM Eastern time on any business day for payments from a non-Chase checking account

How can I change the payment due date on my loan?


Note: You can only change your due date two times during the life of the loan. Additional restrictions apply.


To request a due date change:

  1. Sign in and choose your auto account. Select either the (...) or "Things you can do" for more options.
  2. Choose “Update settings and preferences” and the “Payment due date” and follow the directions on the screen.


How can I change the payment due date on my lease?


To request a due date change please call us at 1-800-227-5151


Note: You can only change your due date one time during a lease. Additional restrictions apply.

How do I see my transaction activity online?


Follow the steps below to view transaction activity.


  1. Sign in, choose your auto account, and locate the "Account activity" section
  2. Choose the timeframe you wish to see through the "Showing" drop down
  3. The transaction activity for the corresponding timeframe will display

Account activity is also available in your online billing statements.


Are there other ways to make my payment?


Making payments online is a convenient way to make payments but we do offer various payment options. Go to our Ways to Pay page on for additional payment options.