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Owning a home


Learn more about refinancing, updating or remodeling, as well as pro tips on how and when it's time to sell.

Learn more about updating and maintaining your home

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities and costs. Learn about the expenses of owning a home and everyday maintenance.

Smart home devices: How technology can transform your home

Smart home devices can improve energy efficiency and accessibility. Learn about the different types of smart home technology and how they can benefit your home.

How to winterize a house

Winterizing your home may prevent any damage from snowfall or freezing temperatures. Review our steps on how to winterize your home and why to consider it.

Tree law: What homeowners need to know

Tree law refers to a set of laws about trees and how they influence property rights. Read more to learn about common tree laws and if they may impact your home.

How to increase your home's value

Explore financial education