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Priority Pass with Chase: How to access lounges

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    The Chase Sapphire Reserve® credit card provides airport lounge access to cardholders by way of a complimentary membership to Priority Pass™. This program gives members access to a network of airport lounges around the world.

    Which Chase card gives airport lounge access?

    If you have a Sapphire Reserve card, you can enroll in a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership. 

    Some airline credit cards also provide access to their airport lounges among other benefits. Most cards that provide airport lounge access have an annual fee. You may be able to get access as a perk of the credit card itself or after you participate in an airlines loyalty program.

    Does Chase Sapphire offer Priority Pass?

    The Chase Sapphire Reserve card offers complimentary Priority Pass Select membership, while Chase Sapphire Preferred® does not. Both are popular credit cards that feature travel benefits and perks. 

    With a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, primary cardmembers and authorized users can activate complimentary Priority Pass Select membership. After that, they can access airport lounges with up to 2 guests for no additional fee. More than 2 guests can join, but each guest beyond the second costs a fee that is charged after the visit is reported to Priority Pass.

    How do I join Priority Pass with Chase Sapphire Reserve?

    To get started with a Priority Pass Select membership, you'll need to have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card

    To activate your Priority Pass Select membership that comes with Sapphire Reserve: 

    1. Sign in to Chase Ultimate Rewards®
    2. Choose the card you'd like to enroll. 
    3. Select "Card Benefits." 
    4. Scroll to see benefits, then choose "Travel." 
    5. Select "Complimentary Airport Lounge Access." 

    This is a one-time activation, after which all Sapphire Reserve cardmembers can take advantage of their memberships.

    Where can I access Priority Pass lounges?

    The Priority Pass app and website have a lounge finder to help you locate participating lounges and restaurants. These resources will also show details about the locations and may display other Priority Pass benefits like discounts or credits for certain merchants at an airport. 

    Soon after activation, your Priority Pass membership card is mailed to you, and your digital membership card becomes available in the Priority Pass app. To access a lounge in the program's network, you'll need your valid Priority Pass membership card, boarding pass and identification.

    Are there Chase Sapphire Preferred airport lounges?

    Priority Pass membership is not a benefit of the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. However, this shouldn't prevent you from exploring Priority Pass memberships, which begin at $99. The Chase Sapphire Preferred card offers other premium dining and travel rewards.

    In summary

    One way you can get airport lounge access is with a credit card, and the cards that offer this perk often have an annual fee. If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, you can activate a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership. This will give you and up to 2 guests access to the airport lounges in the Priority Pass network. The membership is not included with the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card, a travel credit card with other valuable benefits you could enjoy.

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