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Can I bring guests to a Priority Pass lounge?

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    Some of the best adventures can be to faraway destinations and shared with companions. Accessing some comfort and relaxation when flying can go a long way. If you're the person holding an airport lounge membership, it's important to know if and how your flight companions can join you.

    Let's answer some common questions for you:

    • How many guests can I take with Priority Pass™?
    • Can I let someone else use my Priority Pass card?
    • How do I add a Priority Pass to my phone?
    • What is the Priority Pass guest policy by card?
    • Do Priority Pass guests cost additional money?

    How many guests can I take with Priority Pass?

    Most Priority Pass airport lounges allow you to bring any number of guests for a fee, but some lounges have guest limits. You can check lounge information on the Priority Pass app or website before you travel.

    When applicable, guest fees are charged to the payment card linked to your Priority Pass membership. If you joined Priority Pass through a bank or card issuer, then guest fees can vary, so contact that company directly for your membership's guest policy.

    Which membership do you have?

    The guest visit fee for Priority Pass memberships is $35, but that fee may not be charged if you joined Priority Pass through your bank or credit card company. Contact the financial institution to confirm information about your Priority Pass membership.

    If you have a Priority Pass Select membership through Chase Sapphire Reserve®, two guests can accompany you into a Priority Pass lounge for no additional fee. Each guest beyond the first two costs $27, billed to your credit card after your visit.

    Does the lounge have a guest limit?

    Most lounges in the Priority Pass network don't limit the number of guests a member can bring, but some lounges do. The Priority Pass app or website has specific information about lounges, including if there's a guest limit.

    When will you have to pay for a guest?

    Guest fees are usually charged at a fixed rate to the credit or debit card that is linked to your Priority Pass membership. Typically, payment won't be required to enter the airport lounge; the charges should process after your visit.

    Can I let someone else use my Priority Pass card?

    No, the Priority Pass membership card is not transferable. When you access a lounge, the staff will need to check that the name printed on your membership card matches your boarding pass. The member must also be present for accompanying guests to enter a Priority Pass airport lounge.

    How do I add a Priority Pass to my phone?

    The Priority Pass app is likely the easiest option for adding a digital membership card to your smartphone. This is a great solution while you're waiting for your physical card to arrive in the mail. Even when you receive your physical card, you can continue using your digital membership card. In any event, the Priority Pass app is very useful, as it has airport maps and digital features to enhance your airport experience.

    If you have Priority Pass through a Sapphire Reserve card, you may be able to add your digital membership card in the Chase Mobile® app. Sign in to your account, then view your Sapphire Reserve travel benefits.

    What is the guest policy by credit card?

    Let's review the policies of a few popular credit card options.

    Chase Sapphire Reserve guest policy

    Each cardmember Priority Pass Select membership includes two guests per lounge visit. For each additional guest beyond that, your card will be charged a fee per guest, per visit. Any guest visit charges will process after your Priority Pass lounge visit.

    Airline credit card guest policies

    Airline credit cards are a type of travel card that don't typically offer Priority Pass membership. Instead, cardmembers may enjoy membership to the airline's airport lounges. The guest policy of that membership tends to vary from card to card. Of course, an airline credit card usually has several valuable benefits, even if Priority Pass membership isn't one.

    Other travel credit card guest policies

    Travel credit cards may come with a Priority Pass membership, but the lounge access for guests and members can vary by card. Usually, a certain number of member and guest visits may be complimentary, but this really depends on the membership terms.

    Do Priority Pass guests cost additional money?

    When you enroll in a membership with Priority Pass—Standard, Standard Plus and Prestige—each guest visit has a fee. At the time of writing, the fee is $35. That fee is the same for each guest, regardless of how many accompany a member into a Priority Pass lounge, assuming it has capacity. With a Sapphire Reserve card, each guest costs a fee beyond the first two that accompany the Priority Pass member into an airport lounge.

    In conclusion

    The comforts of a lounge in the Priority Pass network are great to enjoy with friends, family or colleagues. Memberships are not transferrable to other people, though, so the member must accompany any guests. Lounges may not limit the number of guests a member can bring, and each guest may cost a fee per visit; however, a lounge may deny entry if it reaches its capacity.

    All things considered, it's best to check your membership details or credit card's benefits for an applicable guest policy. Soon enough, you could be delighting in airport lounge amenities or services with your flight companions.

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