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Simple ways your mobile banking app can help make travel easier

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    Mobile banking can help you plan trips and even lighten your stress load on the road. In fact, the Chase Mobile® app can work with you at every stage of your trip: from seeding the idea to heading back home. You could think of it as your Chase travel buddy. Useful features include safety measures, alerts and even ways to use points for booking a trip. Let’s explore how the Chase Mobile® app could become your best travel-planning partner.

    What is a credit card travel notice?

    Credit card travel notices were once synonymous with alerts you sent to your credit card company to let them know you’re traveling and that your charges may not be similar to your everyday purchases. Customers could (and still can at some banks) send this notification by phone, through email or on the bank’s mobile app. But now, many banks, including Chase, no longer require travel notices from customers.

    Setting up alerts on Chase Mobile® app?

    You can choose from several available alerts. For example, Chase offers alerts for the following account events:

    • Transactions of many kinds
    • Balance transfer or payment postings
    • Low balance (according to your chosen setting)
    • Available credit limit
    • Payment due dates

    You can set up your alerts in a few simple steps on your mobile device:

    • Sign into the Chase Mobile® app
    • Click "Profile & settings," and tap "Alerts"
    • Select "Choose alerts" then pick the account you wish to include
    • Customize options under "Delivery methods"
    • Hit “Save” and now you're enrolled

    It’s also up to you how you'd like to receive these alerts: either by email or text. Delivery of alerts may be delayed for various reasons, including service outages affecting your phone, wireless or internet provider; technology failures; and system capacity limitations.

    How to book travel in the Chase Mobile® app

    The Chase Mobile® app can also help plan and book your trip from the very start with eligible Chase credit cards with Ultimate Rewards. When you get an urge to travel, check out the Benefits tab. You’ll find it by navigating to the bottom of the app. Once there you can explore Travel and Chase Ultimate Rewards®. Let’s run through how that can work for you.

    Booking with the Chase travel portal

    Tap into the Chase travel portal by clicking the travel icon at the top. There you can do the following:

    • Update your travel profile and preferences.
    • Find out your current reward points total.
    • Book flights.
    • Reserve hotel rooms.
    • Set up car rentals.
    • Scan destination guides.

    Your Chase reward points could fit right into these travel planning steps. It’s all-in-one travel booking at your fingertips. Even when you’re not ready to commit to a single destination, the Chase travel portal offers inspiration and tips for that next trip on your horizon.

    Helpful mobile app features

    There are some additional Chase Mobile® app features that may help ease your mind while on your trip. For instance, there’s no need to get lost looking for an ATM— the Chase Mobile® app shows you ATM and branch locations near you. Here are a few more examples where the Chase Mobile® app can come in handy:

    • Digital wallet: Through the mobile app, you can add your Chase cards to your mobile wallet of choice. This feature can help you travel light and worry less about losing your physical wallet or credit cards. It allows easy access to the account and credit cards you select for contactless payments on the go.
    • Chase QuickDeposit: Deposit checks right on your phone, with Chase QuickDeposit. You can choose which account to fund and all it takes is a picture of the check front and back to get your deposit started from any location.
    • Pay bills: Even if you almost forget to make a payment while sipping a margarita in the sunshine, your bills don’t have to get in the way of a good time. As long as you have phone service, the Chase Mobile® app can help you pay bills and transfer money just about anywhere with Chase Online Bill Pay.

    In summary

    The Chase Mobile® app can help with every stage of your travel planning for nearly any adventure. Whether it’s a trip to the shore on the weekend or Bali on summer break, your Chase travel portal offers handy alerts and even ways to use rewards and book a trip. Check out how the Chase Mobile® app can help get you where you want to go.

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