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Chase Ink Business Preferred vs. Sapphire Preferred: A breakdown

Published April 9, 2024| minute read

    Quick insights

    • Chase Ink Business Preferred® and Chase Sapphire Preferred® are credit cards with some similarities but several significant differences.
    • Sapphire Preferred is suited for personal use, whereas Ink Business Preferred is a business credit card.
    • Understanding the differences can be helpful when deciding on a card that’s the best fit for you.

    The Ink Business Preferred and Sapphire Preferred credit cards have benefits that could appeal to your goals. You could also find that certain benefits may outweigh the cards’ respective annual fees. In this article, we’ll explain what separates the cards and note some of the similarities for good measure.

    Ink Business Preferred and Sapphire Preferred: The differences

    The differences between these two credit cards are best represented by a few distinguishable aspects.

    Card category

    You might have heard about different types or categories of credit cards if you’ve ever shopped around or compared them. Chase Ink Business Preferred is considered a business credit card. It’s designed for business use, offering rewards and benefits tailored to business expenses like shipping and advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines. Chase Sapphire Preferred is a personal credit card with key traits that include the card’s travel benefits and rewards for general spending.


    Ink Business Preferred offers bonus points for spending on business-related categories. Examples include shipping, business travel and advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines. Meanwhile, a hallmark of the Sapphire Preferred card is its travel rewards program. Additional rewards points could also be earned on travel and dining purchases. In some cases, those points could offer bonus value or savings when redeemed for eligible travel.

    Additional benefits

    Certain benefits of the Ink Business Preferred and Sapphire Preferred cards demonstrate how these cards are in separate categories. Ink Business Preferred offers employee cards at no extra cost. Plus, primary rental car insurance is available and can be particularly useful for business trips. In general, Ink Business Preferred benefits are tailored to business owners, while Sapphire Preferred rewards, perks and benefits focus on services that are helpful when traveling. The card’s benefits, like those of several Chase travel credit cards, include Travel and Emergency Assistance Services and Trip Delay Reimbursement.

    Features of Ink Business Preferred and Sapphire Preferred

    We’ve covered the fact that Chase Ink Business Preferred and Chase Sapphire Preferred fit in distinct credit card categories. They’re generally designed for different purposes, but given that Chase issues both cards, they share some common features. Both cards use the Chase Ultimate Rewards® program. This versatile program has many possibilities for redeeming points earned on purchases made with a Chase credit card.

    Redeeming rewards points for each card

    Ultimate Rewards points earned with Chase Ink Business Preferred and Chase Sapphire Preferred can be redeemed through the Ultimate Rewards portal. Cash back, for example, can be received as gift cards, a direct deposit or statement credit.

    Ultimate Rewards points may have additional value when redeemed for certain experiences or purchases through the Ultimate Rewards or Chase Travel portals. Specific options vary by credit card, but Ultimate Rewards provides ample variety for cardmembers.

    Customers can also use their points, their credit card, or both to book flights, hotels, and more with Chase Travel portal. You could transfer Ultimate Rewards points to eligible travel programs, too, including several frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs. Points can be transferred to many partner programs at full 1:1 value, meaning one Chase Ultimate Rewards point equals one partner mile/point.

    How eligibility for Ink Business Preferred and Sapphire Preferred works

    These days, applying for a credit card online can be straightforward, but you’ll need certain information on hand. Basic contact information, income and a Social Security number are usually required to complete an application. For a business credit card application, the business’ Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is usually required.

    Card issuers may use application information and evaluate many criteria when deciding whether to approve a credit card application. The requirements and factors that issuers evaluate can vary by credit card, as well. Ink Business Preferred and Sapphire Preferred are no exception.

    In summary

    Chase Ink Business Preferred is categorized as a business credit card. Certain benefits may be most appealing to business owners. They may enjoy the accelerated rewards in business-related categories. Meanwhile, Chase Sapphire Preferred is a personal credit card you could consider a travel card. Its benefits and rewards could be most useful whether you’re earning rewards on travel spending or booking through Chase Travel.

    This breakdown of Sapphire Preferred and Ink Business Preferred is just one example of how different credit cards can suit different situations, preferences and lifestyles. Comparing specific cards can help you review different types of credit cards or several of the same type so you can find a card that’s right for you.

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