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How to redeem Chase credit card rewards points for gift cards

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    There are various ways to enjoy the Chase Ultimate Rewards® points you’ve earned. One option is to redeem your earned points for gift cards. 

    Read on to learn more about redeeming rewards points for gift cards.

    Why redeem rewards points for gift cards?

    Redeeming your points for gift cards at places you commonly shop could mean there's a few less items you’ll have to charge on your card or pay for in cash. You can also redeem your rewards points for gift cards as holiday gifts for the people on your shopping list. Maybe you need a stocking stuffer for the holiday season or a last-minute gift for recent graduates or newlyweds. 

    How to redeem rewards points for gift cards

    There are two ways to redeem your Ultimate Rewards® points for gift cards — calling the number on the back of your card or signing in to Chase Ultimate Rewards. If you plan to redeem points online, here are the steps to take:

    1) Sign in to your Chase credit card account

    After signing in, you’ll want to choose whichever credit card account earns Ultimate Rewards points and navigate to the Ultimate Rewards portal.

    2) Browse gift cards

    In the Gift Cards section of the Ultimate Rewards portal, you can browse the list of brands and choose the gift card you want. 

    3) Select the dollar amount

    Many gift cards are available for a variable amount. Instead of redeeming for fixed amounts ($25, $50 or $100), for example, you may be able to redeem for any amount between the minimum and maximum for that gift card. 

    4) Choose your delivery option

    After you select the gift card you want and the monetary amount, you may be able to choose whether you want to redeem points for an e-gift card emailed to you or have the gift card mailed to your address.

    Do gift cards expire?

    Expiration dates will vary by merchant, and specific merchant terms should be available to view when you’re choosing a gift card. After that, the physical gift card or the issuer terms and conditions attached to the e-gift card could have the expiration details.

    The bottom line

    Ultimate Rewards can be redeemed over the phone or online for gift cards from hundreds of national brands. The usual rewards points redemption rate is one point per cent, but special Chase brand partner offers can sometimes increase the redemption rate.

    Redeemed gift cards can be mailed or emailed to the Chase cardmember. They may also have an expiration date, so remember to check the terms and conditions when you’re redeeming Ultimate Rewards points for a gift card.

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