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How to get Priority Pass with Chase Sapphire Reserve

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    An exciting perk of the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card is Priority Pass™ Select membership. While you can't simply show your credit card at an airport lounge when you get there, setting up your membership is simple. Once you do, you can enjoy the many benefits Priority Pass membership and airport lounges have to offer.

    How do I activate my Priority Pass with Chase Sapphire Reserve?

    If you have a Sapphire Reserve card, there are 5 easy steps to activate your Priority Pass Select membership:

    1. Sign in to Chase Ultimate Rewards.
    2. Choose your Chase Sapphire Reserve card for enrollment.
    3. Select "Card Benefits."
    4. Scroll to see benefits, then choose "Travel."
    5. Select "Complimentary Airport Lounge Access."

    This one-time activation is all that's needed to begin taking advantage of your complimentary Priority Pass Select membership with Sapphire Reserve. After that, your Priority Pass Select membership card will be sent to you.

    How to activate Priority Pass for authorized users

    Once you activate Priority Pass Select membership on your Sapphire Reserve card, membership for your authorized users is activated automatically. Each cardholder will receive their own membership card.

    If you add an authorized user after activating your membership, call the number on the back of your Sapphire Reserve card. We can help to activate the new authorized user's Priority Pass Select membership. Please keep in mind that this card has an annual fee.

    How to use Priority Pass at airport lounges

    A valid Priority Pass membership card is required to access an airport lounge in the Priority Pass lounge network. Your card is mailed to you after you activate your membership. Just show your membership credentials, a valid boarding pass and any other identification the lounge needs to the lounge attendant, then enjoy.

    Digital membership card

    You can enter many Priority Pass lounges with a digital membership card. It's a convenient feature that can help if you ever misplace your physical card but still have your smartphone when traveling. Physical and digital membership cards provide the same access to Priority Pass lounges and their amenities.

    Chase Mobile

    You can set up your Priority Pass digital membership card in the Chase Mobile® app. The option will be in the place where you view and manage your Sapphire Reserve card's travel benefits.

    Priority Pass app

    Digital membership cards are available for members in the Priority Pass app (available in iOS and Android app stores). Once you download the app and open it on your smart phone, select "Activate Your Account." Then you can enter the required information from your plastic membership card. You'll also be asked to create a username and password, which you'll use to access your digital membership card.

    How many times can I use Priority Pass with Chase Sapphire Reserve?

    Your Priority Pass Select membership does not limit the number of times you can access a lounge. A membership with Sapphire Reserve also allows you a maximum of 2 guests, and your authorized user is allowed 2 guests. Your credit card is charged $27 for each additional guest after the visit is reported to Priority Pass. A lounge may deny entry if it reaches capacity.

    What does Priority Pass membership include?

    Membership provides access to the global Priority Pass network of airport lounges, markets, restaurants and cafes. Access doesn't depend on the airline or class of seat you're flying.

    Lounges are not the only benefit of membership in this program. With the Priority Pass app, members can also find discounts at restaurants and retailers in many airports around the world.

    General amenities

    The amenities at each Priority Pass lounge vary, but in general, here's what members can expect:

    • Comfortable seating
    • Business facilities, such as work stations and reliable Wi-Fi
    • Complimentary beverages and snacks
    • Private mini-suites and sleeping areas

    In Priority Pass airport lounges, you could also find several luxury features and delightful décor, such as waterfall features and fireplaces. Some lounges even have putting greens and outdoor pools.

    Additional perks

    It's easy to delight in the many amenities a Priority Pass membership can bring, including over 800 benefits—take a look in the mobile app. You'll find discounts for specific airport's retailers, spa experiences and more.

    Does Priority Pass work after canceling Chase Sapphire Reserve card?

    Your Priority Pass Select membership will not work if you close your Sapphire Reserve credit card account. Although your membership has its own expiration date, it requires your Sapphire Reserve account to be open and current. Therefore, if the account is closed or in default, your Priority Pass Select membership will end.

    In summary

    There are several ways to become a Priority Pass member, but getting a membership with a credit card is quite common. From earning points on travel to exclusive airport lounge access, benefits of Chase Sapphire Reserve can help enhance adventures. Activating your complimentary Priority Pass Select membership is only required once, then you can enjoy the many airport lounges in the worldwide network.

    For complete terms, conditions and a list of participating lounges, restaurants, cafes and markets, visit Priority Pass online.

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