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Does Priority Pass have any lounges in Newark Airport?

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    Quick insights

    • At Newark airport, there is not a lounge in the Priority Pass network.
    • While Newark airport isn’t home to a Priority Pass lounge, members can find facilities in many airports across the country.
    • Priority Pass has a global network of lounges, restaurants and other facilities to enhance your next airport experience.

    Located in New Jersey, but known for being one of the three major airports that moves passengers in and out of the New York City area, Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) currently serves more than 30 airlines.

    Don't let the fact that it's on the other side of the Hudson River deter you from choosing this airport for your next trip to NYC. Being just 15 miles south of midtown Manhattan, EWR is a convenient option for both domestic and international travels. Depending on where you're staying, you may even find that traveling through EWR is more ideal than one of the neighboring, and perhaps more well-known airports – LaGuardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy (JFK).

    Does Newark Liberty International Airport have Priority Pass lounges?

    At the time of writing, there is no airport lounge in the Priority Pass network at EWR airport. That doesn’t mean the airport has nothing to offer while you wait for a departing flight. Here is some interesting history and information about the airport's transportation you might keep in mind as you navigate EWR.

    What to do during a layover

    If you find yourself with a long layover, consider grabbing a bite at one of the 100+ dining options in EWR airport. Relax in a lounge or enjoy a spa service. You can even find an interfaith chapel in Terminal C.

    By the way, long layovers aren't just ideal for airport lounge visits. If you happen to find yourself in Newark in the springtime, you may want to consider leaving the airport to visit Branch Brook Park, home to the largest collection of cherry trees in the United States. In early April, you can catch the breathtaking view of over 5,000 Japanese cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

    EWR’s history

    When it comes to its U.S. aviation history, EWR boasts several important titles. This airport was the first to have a paved runway, debuting in 1928. Soon after, runway lights were installed allowing there to be nighttime operations, a first in the country at the time. Just a couple years later, this airport was the first to build an air traffic control tower, plus an on-site weather station.

    Airport transportation

    The layout of the airport is somewhat simple: three standalone terminals A, B and C. In terms of traveling between New York City and the airport, you may need to use several modes of transportation. One option is to hop on AirTrain, a free monorail system that runs 24 hours a day. AirTrain can connect you with almost anywhere you need to go. Not only does it take passengers to all the terminals, parking and rental cars, but it also stops at Newark Liberty Airport Station. From this station, you can take an NJ Transit train to New York Penn Station.

    What to know about the Priority Pass network of lounges at EWR

    Priority Pass is a popular membership program that offers access to a large network of airport lounges. There are over 1,400 locations throughout the world. With that kind of global footprint, you may be flying through an airport with a lounge in the Priority Pass network. There are several ways to get a Priority Pass membership, including as a benefit of a credit card. We'll explain membership options in more detail later.

    Lounges can differ in layout and features, but important amenities like free food, drinks, Wi-Fi and plenty of comfortable places to relax are usually available.

    How to access Priority Pass lounges at participating airports

    Although EWR airport does not have a lounge in the Priority Pass network, many airports around the world do. There are several ways to get airport lounge access for the lounges in Priority Pass’ global network of facilities.

    Purchase a Priority Pass membership

    When you sign up for a membership with Priority Pass, you can choose between three annual plans. The membership levels suit different travel needs. For instance, if you want access to lounges without paying visit fees, consider the Prestige membership plan.

    Complimentary Priority Pass Select membership with Chase Sapphire Reserve

    Did you know that certain credit cards offer their cardmembers complimentary access to the Priority Pass network of lounges? The Chase Sapphire Reserve® credit card is one of them. Once you get approved for the credit card, you can activate your Priority Pass Select membership. Besides that, you may find that the rewards program and other travel benefits are worth Chase Sapphire Reserve's annual fee.

    In conclusion

    Even though Newark airport doesn’t have a lounge in the Priority Pass network, the airport serves as an international stop for many travelers, located a mere 15 miles from Manhattan. Annual membership plans are available directly through Priority Pass, and the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card offers complimentary Priority Pass Select membership.

    Newark may not be a place to enjoy your Priority Pass membership, but this still provides access to lounges, restaurants, spas and more facilities around the world.

    Discover some of the Priority Pass lounges across the United States:

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