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Priority Pass levels: Their cost and perks

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    Priority Pass is an airport lounge program that offers a variety of benefits to travelers all over the world. But did you know there are specific membership plans? There are three Priority Pass membership plans when directly purchased with Priority Pass: Prestige, Standard Plus and Standard. Each comes with a specific price point and its own set of benefits. When you choose a membership plan, there are several factors to consider, including your travel habits, budget and goals. Here's a breakdown of each Priority Pass membership plan and some ways on how you can decide what's right for you.

    Priority Pass membership plans

    Each Priority Pass membership plan offers a variety of benefits.


    The Prestige Priority Pass plan provides members access to all Priority Pass lounges with no visit fee. For the frequent traveler, this plan may be the best plan.

    Standard Plus

    The Standard Plus Priority Pass plan may be ideal for someone who is looking for a middle ground between Prestige and Standard. With the Standard Plus plan, members get ten complimentary lounge visits, after which a $35 visit fee is charged. If you travel regularly but don't see yourself as a non-stop jet setter, this plan might make sense for you.


    The Standard Priority Pass plan offers members lounge access at $35 per visit.

    Priority Pass membership cost

    When you choose between these three distinct membership plans, it helps to factor in how much you travel. You may also consider how much you'll likely use airport lounges. For instance, if you foresee layovers in your future travels, airport lounges can offer you a welcome respite.

    • Prestige: For an annual membership fee of $469, the Prestige Priority Pass plan offers unlimited airport lounge visits without paying a visit fee. That means you can visit as many lounges as you like as often as you want without any additional cost. With 1,300 Priority Pass lounges across the globe, you have many to choose from.
    • Standard Plus: The Standard Plus $329 annual fee gives you ten complimentary lounge visits, after which lounge access costs $35 per visit.
    • Standard: The Standard membership plan offers $35 lounge visits with an annual fee of $99.

    Can I bring a Priority Pass guest?

    When you bring a guest to a lounge with a Priority Pass membership, there's a $35 fee.

    Keep in mind that airport lounges can have different rules about guests, but you can usually pay per guest if free guests are not admitted depending on their specific policies.

    Other Priority Pass benefits

    Priority Pass isn't only for airport lounges. There are several additional benefits to membership, including VIP experiences and business center resources, as well as complimentary meals and drinks. If an airport doesn't have a lounge in the Priority Pass network, Priority Pass can often grant members an airport spa visit, restaurant credit or discounts on car rentals.

    No matter your Priority Pass level, the app also grants access to prebook private airline transfers on your phone. You can also shop the Duty-Free store ahead of time through the Priority Pass app and then pick your purchase up at the airport shop anytime. The premium fitness app WithU grants complimentary memberships to Priority Pass members and can create a personalized training program for you while you're on the road.

    Priority Pass restaurants

    There are about 30 restaurants in U.S. airports where Priority Pass can offer you dining benefits. From complimentary food to discounts, Priority Pass brings you benefits from cocktails and appetizers to meals and more. Check the Priority Pass app to see a variety of restaurant experiences and other fun perks nearby.

    In summary

    There are three Priority Pass membership plans offering a variety of comforts, perks and experiences no matter your travel plans. No matter how frequently you travel, there's a Priority Pass membership to suit your needs.

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