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Priority Pass benefits you may not know know about: Hotels, restaurants and more

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    Access to airport lounges is certainly a perk of having a Priority Pass membership, but that's far from where Priority Pass benefits stop. As part of your membership, you'll find you can access private suites, potentially take advantage of dining credits at restaurants and even use your benefits for hotel stays.

    What are the benefits of Priority Pass?

    Priority Pass is a network of airport lounges that also provides access to benefits for certain suites and restaurants, that may offer a little extra comfort for travelers. There are currently around 1,300 locations in more than 150 countries. There are a few different ways to get a Priority Pass membership.

    The first way is to directly sign up through Priority Pass. There are three different tiers to choose from, depending on what fits your lifestyle:

    • Standard: $99 per year, $35 member visit fee, $35 guest visit fee
    • Standard plus: $329 per year, 10 complimentary member visits then $35 fee, $35 guest visit fee
    • Prestige: $469 per year, unlimited complimentary member visits, $35 guest visit fee

    Another way to get a Priority Pass membership is through a qualifying credit card. Many of the most popular travel credit cards offer Priority Pass membership as part of their benefits. The memberships available through credit cards differ slightly from the above membership tiers, so be sure to check the terms of your card for full information.

    Priority Pass airport benefits

    While Priority Pass is widespread around the world, not every airport has a participating lounge. However, there are other Priority Pass airport benefits that you may still find, even if there isn't a lounge.

    Priority Pass members may be able to visit any Minute Suites location at no cost for their first hour. Minute Suites are locked suites with a daybed, desk, television and chair. They provide a quiet, private place to work, nap or unwind between flights. Blankets and pillows are sometimes provided, while other items such as snacks, drinks, headphones and more are available for purchase.

    Minute Suites are located past TSA, so you won't have to go through security again after your nap — you can just go straight to your gate. The suites don't require a reservation, but they do take them should you want to book ahead. Given the sometimes-unpredictable nature of air travel, you may want to make a reservation if you know you'll have a layover.

    Another one of the non-lounge Priority Pass airport benefits is the dining credit. Priority Pass has partnerships with about 30 restaurants in U.S. airports. At these restaurants some Priority Pass members, and sometimes guests, may get dining credits to pay for meals. Exactly how much the credit is worth depends on the restaurant.

    For a full list of Minute Suites and restaurants that are part of the Priority Pass network, check out the Priority Pass app.

    Priority Pass network lounge benefits

    Having access to a network of airport lounges is one of the main perks of having a Priority Pass membership.

    Compared to your departure gate, lounges can offer a quieter, calmer place to relax before your next flight. They offer complimentary food and drinks, with some offering a full bar to enjoy. There are often workspaces as well, with some providing access to printers and other amenities.

    Some airports have more than one lounge in the Priority Pass network , so you may want to check the app when you're traveling to see which one is closest to your gate.

    Priority Pass hotel benefits and more

    If you pay for a membership, you also get Priority Pass hotel benefits. Members get up to 30% off at IHG Hotels, including brands such as Crowne Plaza, Candlewood Suites, Holiday Inn, Regent and Hotel Indigo.

    A few other benefits included in Priority Pass membership are:

    • Duty-free shopping: Members can shop duty-free on the Priority Pass app from months in advance up to one hour before their flight.
    • Private airport transfers: Members can pre-book private airport transfers at more than 1,100 airports worldwide.
    • Car rentals at preferential rates: Priority Pass gives its members access to preferential rates at more than 50,000 car rental locations.
    • Spa treatments: Complimentary spa treatments at Be Relax airport spas are available to members.
    • Retail offers: Priority Pass members can get negotiated discounts at some airport shops.

    In summary

    If you're looking for a more comfortable way to travel, Priority Pass could be the answer you're looking for. The wide array of Priority Pass benefits may help make your trip more enjoyable. Plus, you can choose whichever membership option works best for you.

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