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Do Chase rewards points expire?

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    No, your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points do not expire — as long as you keep your credit card account open. However, if you close your card account before redeeming or transferring your rewards, you'll no longer have those points. 

    Unfortunately, if your account is closed for missed payments, program misuse or other reasons detailed in your user agreement, you will forfeit your points.

    About Chase Ultimate Rewards points

    You can earn rewards with all Chase credit cards, though you only earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points with Chase-branded cards. 

    Eligible cards earn you points for purchases that you can use toward travel, gift cards or merchandise from select retailers. You can also choose to redeem your points as cash back. 

    People love Chase Ultimate Rewards points because they're simple, flexible and especially rewarding when it comes to travel. And the best part: Your points don't expire.

    Do Chase rewards points expire if you've been inactive?

    Inactivity won't cause your Chase points to disappear from your account. Leave them alone as long as you'd like — but with rewards this good, how long will you want to?

    Do Chase rewards points expire if you close your credit card account?

    If you're planning on closing a Chase credit card account and you have another open Chase credit card, be sure to switch your points over to the open account before closing. Otherwise, you will lose the unused points in your closed account. Closing your card account is one of the only ways to lose your Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

    Types of Chase rewards credit cards

    Different types of cards fit different lifestyles, depending on how you prefer to earn and use your points. For example, our co-branded airline credit cards may reward you in airline miles rather than Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

    Cash back credit cards

    When you use your Chase cash back credit card, you get a percentage of cash back on eligible purchases. Some cards may even reward you bonus cash back on specific categories, such as gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants or business purchases. See which Chase cash back card is right for you.

    Travel, hotel, and airline credit cards

    Great for travelers, all types of travel cards offer rewards for travel purchases, as well as great benefits with hotel reward programs. Generic travel cards have rewards earning structures and travel benefits that aren't usually tied to specific brands or retailers. On the other end of the travel card spectrum are hotel credit cards and airline credit cards. These are co-branded with specific hotels and airlines, so your purchases with them tend to let you earn points at accelerated rates.

    Business credit cards

    Chase's business credit cards are designed to reward you for running your business. Depending on your needs, you can earn bonus points on work travel, get cash back on business purchases or earn reward flights with airline miles. Each card also offers a bonus for new cardmembers if you spend a certain amount.

    Making the most of your Chase Ultimate Rewards points

    If you have multiple Chase credit card accounts, you can move your points from card to card, so all of your rewards are in one place. This can be a good strategy if one of your cards makes your points more valuable through our travel portal. For instance, your Chase Sapphire Preferred® points are worth 25% more when redeemed for travel on Ultimate Rewards.

    The beauty of Ultimate Rewards is the flexibility you have in earning and redeeming your points. Use your points when you need them, or rack them up and put them toward a big trip or purchase.

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