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Can you pay off a credit card with cash?

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    There are plenty of reasons why you may want to pay off your credit card with cash. Maybe your job pays in cash, or you experience a power or internet outage when your bill is due. Whatever the reason, there is more than one way to effectively pay your credit card bill with cash.

    How to pay your credit card bill with cash

    If you're wondering how to pay a credit card bill with cash, there are three ways to do it:

    • In person: If your credit card issuer has a bank branch nearby, you can pay your credit card bill there. When you arrive, let the teller know that you wish to pay your bill and then provide your cash payment.
    • At an ATM: Another potential way to pay a credit card bill may be to use an ATM that's within your issuer's network (if applicable). Insert your card like you use to make a withdrawal but choose the option to make a payment instead. From there, follow the instructions to insert your cash to pay your bill. Before leaving, make sure the ATM counted your cash correctly. Note that not all issuers may offer ATM service.
    • With a money order: You can also pay your credit card with a money order. To do this, purchase a money order with cash. Money orders can be purchased at a variety of places, including the post office, and many department stores and grocery stores. You can then mail that money order to your issuer to pay your bill.

    It's not recommended to mail cash directly to your issuer, as your money will likely not be protected if something goes wrong or it gets lost. Whichever way you pay your bill with cash, make sure you get a receipt or some documentation. It's also worth noting that some issuers may have a limit on the amount you can pay in cash, so be sure to check your card's terms and conditions.

    Reasons to pay your bill in cash

    There are a few different reasons why you may need to know how to pay your credit card bill with cash, ranging from unexpected situations to practical reasons:

    • You're unbanked: If you don't have a bank account to pay your bill out of — whether through autopay, online payments or a check — paying in cash might just be the simplest solution.
    • You have connection issues: If you're experiencing connection outages for whatever reason on the day your bill is due, you may want to know how to pay in cash to avoid late fees.
    • You're paid in cash: For some people, being paid in cash is the norm. For instance, servers at restaurants often receive much of their income from tips. In this case, it may be easier or quicker to pay your credit card bill directly out of your earnings, rather than depositing it in a bank account first and paying from there.

    There may be other reasons that come up that necessitate you to pay your bill in cash, so it's helpful to know what to do if that happens.

    In summary

    Sometimes you may have to pay your credit card with cash. You can do this at your issuer's local bank branch, an issuer-owned ATM (if applicable) or through a money order. Knowing how to pay your bill in cash may be helpful if you ever find yourself in a situation where you don't have a bank account or you're unable to pay your bill online.


    1. Do credit card companies report cash payments?

    Yes, credit card companies report cash payments. Issuers generally report monthly to the credit bureaus, so whether you're paying with cash or another way, it's important to pay at least the minimum on time each month.

    2. Can you put money on a credit card?

    By "adding" money to your credit card, whether via ATM or at a bank branch, you're really just paying off part of your balance, which increases your available funds. Note you can't put money on your credit card to increase your credit limit.

    However, if you have a secured credit card, you may be able to increase your credit limit by increasing your security deposit, but only up to a certain amount set by the issuer. Note that Chase does not currently issue secured credit cards.

    3. Can all credit cards be paid in cash?

    Most major credit card issuers do accept cash payments for credit cards. It's always worth double checking your card's terms and conditions.

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