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Transfer partners: What you need to know

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    Ultimate Rewards® gives Chase cardmembers flexibility in redeeming their points, from cash back to special event concert tickets.

    Many cardmembers know that they can redeem points for dining and gift cards. But one of the options cardmembers may not know about is the ability to redeem their points through the Chase travel portal.

    Here’s an overview on Ultimate Rewards and points transfers.

    Chase credit cards that allow you to transfer to travel partners

    Sapphire Reserve®, Sapphire Preferred® and Ink Business Preferred® are the cards that offer Chase cardmembers the ability to transfer points to travel partners. Some of those partners also offer bonuses for transferred points. In addition, you may be able to transfer points to Chase’s airline and hotel partners to put towards flights or hotel stays.

    To check if your points are available to transfer to a travel partner, sign in to the Ultimate Rewards portal and locate the “Transfer to Travel Partners” section. Within this portal, you’ll find eligible partners for a rewards point transfer.

    Any rewards you transfer may help with the cost of a flight when combined with the miles you’ve earned on a partner airline. If you do not have an account set up with the Chase partner airline or hotel frequent stays program, you will need to set up one before any transfer. It may also be a good idea to call the airline or log on to their frequent flyer website to confirm the number of miles needed to redeem for a trip.

    How to earn Ultimate Rewards

    You can earn Ultimate Rewards points with many of Chase’s credit cards. Ultimate Rewards points can be earned on purchases using any eligible Chase card. Some Chase cards offer bonus points for specific types of purchases, such as those made at grocery stores.

    How can I transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points?

    Here are the steps to take to transfer Ultimate Rewards points you’ve earned:

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Choose the “Redeem Rewards” prompt within the dashboard.
    3. Select an option to transfer between eligible cards or travel partners.

    Points can be transferred in 1,000-point increments. Keep in mind that all points transfers are final. It may also be possible to combine points across Ultimate Rewards accounts held by a single cardmember, and points earned on authorized user cards on those accounts also accrue to the primary cardmember.

    How long do Chase Ultimate Rewards points transfers to partners take?

    After completing a transfer in the Ultimate Rewards portal, the points should post within several business days. We understand that being able to transfer points promptly can help Chase cardmembers book the ticket that they want before seats on their preferred flight fill up.

    In conclusion

    Ultimate Rewards points can be earned by making purchases using Chase cards. Depending on the card you have, some purchase categories offer more points per dollar spent. Transferring rewards points to partner airlines and hotels can be a flexible way of using rewards you’ve earned. Wherever you’re going next, bon voyage!

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