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How to deposit a check online

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    If you’re wondering how to deposit a check online, you’re in luck. Customers can deposit checks online using a mobile device. To be eligible for a mobile deposit, you typically must have a checking or savings account with the associated bank. The option to deposit your check through mobile deposit may help save you some time — and a trip to the bank.  

    How does online check deposit work? 

    To start, use your bank’s mobile app to make a mobile deposit. Chase customers can use the Chase QuickDeposit℠ feature on the Chase Mobile® app to deposit funds. Some steps to deposit an online check may include:  

    1. Sign into your selected banking mobile app
    2. Tap "Deposit checks" and choose the account where you want your deposit to go
    3. Enter the deposit amount
    4. Tap "Front" and take a photo of the front of the check
    5. Endorse your check, then tap "Next"
    6. Take a photo of the back of the check
    7. Choose "Deposit," then tap "Yes" to confirm

    Not every bank supports every phone or operating system, so check with your bank to confirm that your phone is supported.

    How much can I deposit online?

    With mobile deposits, there may be limits associated with how much you can deposit at once. These limits may differ from person to person depending on factors like:  

    • Your account type
    • Your deposit history
    • How long your account has been open

    Depending on your bank, you may also have a daily deposit limit. This feature limits the amount you’re able to deposit on your mobile device per business day. You might even have weekly or also monthly deposit limits. Be sure to reach out to your bank for specific information regarding deposit limits. 

    Not all checks are accepted through mobile deposit. Examples of checks that may be accepted include: 

    • Personal checks
    • Business checks
    • Government checks
    • Cashier’s checks

    How long does an online check deposit take?

    The time it takes to complete an online deposit can vary by bank. Check with your bank for availability. 

    In summary

    Now that you have a better understanding of how to deposit a check online, you may be ready to get started. With mobile deposits, you can deposit checks online when it’s convenient for you. Contact a bank representative with any questions you may have. 

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