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How to change your name on TSA PreCheck®

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    Did you recently change your name? If so, you can update your TSA PreCheck membership to match. Here's how to do so before your next trip.

    Reasons for a TSA PreCheck name change

    There are several reasons why you may want to change the name in your TSA PreCheck membership. Here are a few: 

    • Marriage or divorce: If you got married or divorced and changed your name, you should update your TSA PreCheck membership to match the updated name on your identifying documents. 
    • Legal name change: In any other case where you legally change your name, for example personal preference or adoption, update the name on your TSA PreCheck account. 
    • Misspelling: If you revise your name on your TSA PreCheck account and find out it's misspelled, you can amend it. It's important that your name on your account is accurate and matches the identifying documents you use. 
    • Your application was denied: In the case of an application denied for an incorrect name, you'll need to reapply with the matching name.

    Change your name on your TSA PreCheck account

    How exactly do you change your name for TSA PreCheck? It starts with a call to TSA or filling in the contact us/inquiry form in the TSA enrollment section of their website. 

    Once your name change request has been entered into the TSA system, processing times may vary but name changes can take up to 3 months to complete. 

    After your name change request has been approved by TSA, the name you entered on the TSA website should appear in your TSA PreCheck digital membership account and in the TSA's system. 

    When you receive notification that this has been processed, you may want to check that the name on your TSA PreCheck account accurately matches the name on your government-issued ID. This can help prevent challenges when traveling.

    Benefits of using TSA PreCheck

    Benefits for travelers of TSA PreCheck membership include: 

    Expedited entry: TSA PreCheck members have access to dedicated airport entry lanes with shorter lines and often swifter processing times. 

    Keep dressed: When passing through airport security with TSA PreCheck, you can typically keep your shoes, belt, and jacket on. This has the potential to speed up your screening process. 

    Ease of carry-ons: As a TSA PreCheck member, you can keep liquids and electronics in their carry-on bags. Also, opening your bags for a separate screening is usually not required for TSA PreCheck members. 

    Time saver: With TSA PreCheck, you may have more time to enjoy shopping, eating and amenities at the airport because you spend less time waiting in security lines. 

    Participating employer: When you fill out the TSA PreCheck membership application, you may notice there is a TSA PreCheck company field. This refers to participating employers that offer TSA PreCheck as part of their employee benefits. If your employer offers this benefit, you may be eligible for a free TSA PreCheck membership.

    In summary

    If you need to apply for a TSA PreCheck name change, there's a way to begin this task online at the TSA PreCheck website. Thanks to TSA PreCheck, you can enjoy the many benefits of expedited travel.

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