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Your guide to Minute Suites

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    Quick insights

    • Minute Suites are private suites within airport terminals where travelers can rest, work or relax during layovers or delays.
    • Most Minute Suites locations are open 24 hours, and reservations can be useful if you want to try to secure a room before your next flight or during a layover.
    • Priority Pass™ memberships typically provide specific Minute Suites benefits, including a complimentary first hour and discounts beyond the first hour.

    Air travel can sometimes be unpredictable, hectic and involve a good deal of waiting. Maybe you’re the type to make it to the airport with plenty of time to spare before your flight. Maybe you have a long layover or unexpected delay, or your late-night flight just got canceled until the next morning.

    If you’re looking for somewhere to spend the night or a private nook where you can relax before or between trips, you might want to consider Minute Suites. In this article, we'll go over what exactly Minute Suites are, how to get access and which airports currently offer them.

    What are Minute Suites?

    Minute Suites are private suites that can provide a quiet, private place to work, sleep and generally unwind before or between flights. Each suite has a daybed, desk, television and chair. Blankets and pillows are also available to request. Additional items like beverages, snacks and travel essentials are available to purchase.

    The founders of Minute Suites aimed for a quiet space that would encourage travelers to sleep when they wanted to find some rest in the airport. There are various Minute Suites locations in airports throughout the United States. Most locations are open 24 hours a day and can provide a convenient, clean, safe space to spend the night without ever leaving the airport.

    Minute Suites locations

    Minute Suites are commonly found in major airport terminals across the United States, including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport, among others.

    You’ll find Minute Suites located past TSA screening areas, so you can head directly to your flight’s gate when you have finished your visit.

    Here's a list of Minute Suites locations—all open 24 hours a day unless otherwise noted:

    • ATL: Concourse B (B16)
    • ATL: Concourse B (B24)
    • ATL: Concourse E
    • ATL: Concourse F
    • BNA: Concourse D (not open 24 hours)
    • BWI: Concourse C (not open 24 hours)
    • CLT Atrium (Food Court)
    • CLT D/E Connector
    • DFW: Terminal A
    • DFW: Terminal D
    • DTW: Concourse A
    • IAH: Terminal C North
    • JFK: Terminal 4, Concourse B
    • PHL: A/B Connector
    • SLC: Concourse A

    Reserving and accessing a Minute Suite

    Minute Suites typically allows travelers to reserve their suites in advance through the official website or by contacting a location directly. Booking online can be a pretty straightforward process and may be recommended if you know your travel plans.

    Reservations aren’t required but securing your spot ahead of time can be sensible given how unpredictable airport crowds can be. Your future self might thank you immensely.

    Minute Suites cost

    The cost of a Minute Suite can vary depending on the duration of your stay. The minimum for a suite is one hour, and you can reserve in different increments beyond the first hour. Reservations are also available for overnight stays (up to eight hours) and showers (where available) for 30 minutes. For the latest pricing, visit

    Priority Pass members have specific Minute Suites access and can visit locations at preferential rates.

    How does Minute Suites work with Priority Pass?

    Minute Suites has partnered with Priority Pass, a membership program that provides access to various facilities in airports, including Minute Suites. Priority Pass members can enjoy a complimentary first hour and additional discounts beyond the first hour at Minute Suites. Check your membership’s terms and conditions for specific information, including any potential charges that may apply to Minute Suites visits.

    If you’re a Priority Pass member, you can also see if the airport you plan to visit has Minute Suites by checking the Priority Pass mobile app or website.

    Ways to get Priority Pass

    You can purchase an annual Priority Pass membership on your own to access this program’s network of airport facilities. You may also be able to receive a membership as a benefit of certain credit cards. The Chase Sapphire Reserve® credit card, for one, offers complimentary Priority Pass Select membership to cardmembers.

    Once activated, Priority Pass Select membership provides access to airport lounges, Minute Suites and more facilities in airports around the world. Please note that Chase Sapphire Reserve has an annual fee.

    Tips for booking Minute Suites

    Tip one? Plan ahead if you can. Availability may be limited for drop-ins given how busy airports can get. Visit or call a location ahead of time if you’d like to book at Minute Suites for your next journey. If you’re a Priority Pass member, you can also see if the airport you plan to visit has Minute Suites by checking the Priority Pass mobile app or website.

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