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What is a known traveler number on a Global Entry card?

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    You've been approved for Global Entry and are now wondering how to use your Global Entry card when traveling. You may also be wondering about the Known Traveler Number (KTN) that appears on your Global Entry card and how it works. 

    Your Known Traveler Number (KTN)

    Global Entry helps expedite United States entry for travelers and provides TSA PreCheck as part of its membership benefits. TSA PreCheck provides expedited security checks at about 200 select U.S. airports.

    If you have a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck membership (or both), the nine-digit Known Traveler Number is used to identify you when booking travel. When you enter a participating entry point, this number can help you pass through the expedited security lane. That's why you may want to include your KTN when filling out your profile for frequent flyer travel accounts and buying plane tickets. 

    Where is the known traveler number on your Global Entry card?

    You'll likely want to know where to locate your KTN when it's time to book a flight. If you have a physical Global Entry card, you can find your Known Traveler Number on the back. It's designated as a PASSID number, made up of nine digits.

    You can usually find your KTN on the TSA or Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) websites as well. If you've used your Known Traveler Number to travel before, you can check your account with the airline you used for that trip should you have one. Airlines maintain a record of when KTNs are used, so this can sometimes work as a backup.

    How do I get my Known Traveler Number?

    Applying for Global Entry membership is one way to get a Known Traveler Number, but it's subject to approval and there's a fee. Here's how to apply:

    1. Join the Trusted Traveler Program on the Department of Homeland Security website.
    2. Complete the application for Global Entry once logged in to your account.
    3. Pay the application fee of $100 for a 5-year membership (as of May 2024).
    4. Set up an interview at an enrollment center.
    5. Bring along your government-issued ID and complete the in-person interview.

    Can you add a Known Traveler Number after booking?

    Yes, you can add your Known Traveler Number after booking a flight. At any point up to the travel date, and sometimes even that same day, you can contact the airline to add your KTN. 

    You can call a customer service representative for your airline. Once your Known Traveler Number is linked to your airline account, it will appear on plane tickets purchased through that account. 

    When does my Known Traveler Number expire?

    Your Known Traveler Number expires five years after your application is approved. Many recommend starting the renewal process about six months prior to that expiration date. It's possible you'll be called for an interview as part of the renewal process. Note your membership extends from the expiration date regardless of when you renew.

    The renewal process follows the same process as applying, including the current fee of $100. After finishing the renewal application, make sure to click on the option to certify your account renewal. Then you can check your Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) account periodically for any updates.

    If you're required to do another interview, you'll receive an email informing you of this. Once your renewal is approved, you will get an email and your former Global Entry account expiration date will become the start date for your new annual membership.

    In summary

    The Known Traveler Number on your Global Entry card can come in handy when it's time to fly. That's because your KTN identifies you for expedited entry in participating airports. This could grant you more time for dining or shopping with credit cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve®.

    You can find your Known Traveler Number either on the back of your Global Entry card or by accessing your Trusted Traveler online account. You can input these nine digits when you purchase tickets, and/or set up or sign into your associated airline accounts, so your Known Traveler Number can help expedite your next trip across the globe and back.

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