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Priority Pass participating restaurants: Upgrade your airport experience

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    Priority Pass is a way to help add a little extra luxury to your traveling experience. In addition to lounges, you can also find restaurants that accept Priority Pass in airports such as Boston Logan International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport or San Francisco International Airport, just to name a few. These restaurants could provide a little extra to your Priority Pass membership while also giving you more options while you're traveling.

    What is Priority Pass?

    Priority Pass is a network of airport lounges that also may provide benefits to miniature suites and airport restaurants with over 1,000 locations in more than 600 airports worldwide. Depending on whether the lounge is independent or affiliated with an airline, the facilities of each lounge will differ from place to place. If you're interested in becoming a member, you can purchase a Priority Pass membership or apply for a travel credit card that has Priority Pass as one of their benefits.

    Not all cards offer the same level of access, so be sure to know what level of access is available with your current credit card offering or the card you're hoping to apply for.

    Airport lounges offer an alternative option to gates and terminals when it comes to passing time on your layover. They often provide complimentary food and beverages, in addition to other amenities such as comfortable seating and workstations.

    Another potential perk of Priority Pass membership? Some Priority Pass members have entitlements for dining credits.

    What are dining credits?

    Priority Pass restaurant credits allow eligible members to dine at a discount in participating restaurants in airport terminals. You'll usually receive a dining credit for yourself and each guest, usually just under $30, though the amount will differ depending on the restaurant.

    The credits are cumulative on the total bill. This means if you and a guest each get a $28 dining credit, you'll get a total of $56 toward eligible items your bill. Some restaurants will add the tip before deducting the credits while others will not, so be sure to check the bill to see if you are looking to leave a tip.

    How to use Priority Pass restaurant credits

    You'll likely find it's simple to use your Priority Pass restaurant credits, provided you have that benefit included with your membership. If you do have that benefit then when you arrive at a restaurant that participates in the Priority Pass program, let them know you're a Priority Pass member and would like to use your dining credits. The restaurant employee will likely ask to see your membership card — either the physical or digital version — as well as your boarding pass.

    The rest of your dining experience will likely proceed as usual. You'll be seated and served like any other diner. When the bill comes, you'll see the dining credits applied. It's important to note that guest limitations vary depending on your membership level or credit card. Be sure to check your membership details beforehand so you know what to expect.

    There are currently about 30 restaurants that accept Priority Pass in the United States, though that number is always subject to change. You can find the most up-to-date list of restaurants on the Priority Pass app.

    In summary

    If you're a Priority Pass member who wants to explore more than just the lounges, consider looking into a Priority Pass participating restaurants. You might be able to put your dining credit to good use while waiting for your next flight.

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