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Get the most out of Priority Pass at LGA

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    Flying through LaGuardia Airport? When you land with a Priority Pass membership at LGA, you can reap benefits far beyond just airport lounge entry. Priority Pass membership can also provide access to business centers, spa services, discounted meals, drinks and more. Here we share the details of special amenities and services that may await weary travelers passing through LaGuardia with Priority Pass.

    Is there a lounge in the Priority Pass network at LGA?

    There are no lounges in the Priority Pass network at LGA. However, other Priority Pass perks may make your travels through LaGuardia more comfortable — and maybe even relaxing. Members can enjoy these benefits, depending on the membership plan.

    Priority Pass perks at LGA

    The newly renovated LaGuardia airport has lots to offer, including Priority Pass perks at LGA. Let's look into some examples of the advantageous experiences that could help make your trip through the New York City airport more comfortable.

    Complimentary massage with Priority Pass in LGA Terminal B

    Members can usually receive a complimentary massage or other equitable service at the Be Relax Spa using Priority Pass in LGA Terminal B. For example, the following services are complimentary for Priority Pass members. 

    • 30-minute lounger massage 
    • 15-minute lounger massage, plus oxygen aromatherapy session 
    • 10-minute head massage, plus oxygen aromatherapy session 
    • 10-minute foot massage, plus oxygen aromatherapy session

    Unwind with Priority Pass at LGA

    There's a Minute Suites kiosk in LaGuardia Airport within the Bowery Bay shops. You'll be able to see it soon after passing through security. With Priority Pass, you can find helpful benefits and amenities included in a complimentary hour at the Minute Suites Express in LGA.

    These suites offer a quiet respite from a bustling airport. They provide charging stations and fast Wi-Fi along with TV and gaming consoles. These amenities can make a big difference in your time at LaGuardia, especially if you're looking for a peaceful place to stretch out and relax in solitude.

    More amenities and services at LGA

    The newly renovated LaGuardia has many additional benefits available for travelers with Priority Pass. These include services and amenities such as art exhibitions, pet relief areas and baggage storage. 

    Restaurants, cafes and bars also may offer discounts to Priority Pass members at LGA. This variety of choices are listed in the Priority Pass app.

    In summary

    Priority Pass members can find offerings of respite and refreshment all over the newly renovated LaGuardia Airport. From spa services to business centers and gaming consoles. You could even meditate in peaceful solitude. Chase Sapphire Reserve is one credit card that offers Priority Pass memberships as a card benefit to open doors like these for you at LaGuardia Airport.

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