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Minute Suites Philadelphia: What to Know

Published March 6, 2024| minute read


    Key takeaways

    • Minute Suites are private rooms with daybeds and workstations where you could spend as little as one hour, stay the night or use the facility shower.
    • At PHL airport, the Minute Suites are open 24 hours and located in the AB Connector between Concourse A and B.
    • A Priority Pass™ membership may provide your first hour at Minute Suites PHL for free and specific savings beyond that.

    Did you ever wonder about where you could wait for your flight in the airport besides the gate? Could there be somewhere more comfortable and maybe less crowded and noisy? Well, there is somewhere private you could rest or work before you depart from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). The next time you fly out of PHL, maybe you’ll give Minute Suites a try.

    Minute Suites locations at PHL airport

    You’ll find the Minute Suites PHL past security in the A/B Connector, between Concourse A and B. This location has showers available, along with some travel essentials, snacks and drinks.

    Minute Suites hours of operation at PHL

    Minute Suites PHL is open 24 hours a day. The minimum stay is one hour, but you can reserve in 15-minute increments beyond that or book an extended overnight stay (up to eight hours) after 9 p.m. Use of the facility shower is available for 30 minutes at a time. View more details or reserve your room at

    How to access and reserve Minute Suites at PHL airport

    You can reserve rooms at Minute Suites by booking online at or contacting a location directly. You may need a valid boarding pass arriving or departing from PHL airport, as well—consider checking this requirement with the location before you reserve or visit.

    Minute Suites PHL pricing

    Specific pricing can vary slightly by location, but here are the reservation options typically available at Minute Suites:

    • One hour (minimum)
    • 15-minute increments available past the first hour
    • 30-minute showers at certain locations (including PHL)
    • Overnight (eight hours)

    Minute Suites and Priority Pass: How it works

    In partnership with Minute Suites, Priority Pass members usually receive specific savings on reservations, such as a one-hour complimentary stay. Additional discounts are often available past that first hour, too.

    Priority Pass is an airport experiences program with a wide network of different facilities in airports around the globe. Those include traditional airport lounges, restaurants, Minute Suites and more.

    There are different membership levels of Priority Pass available to purchase. There’s also a way you could use a credit card to access airport lounges, including Minute Suites and the other facilities in the Priority Pass network.

    In summary

    All things considered, you may find that waiting for your flight in a Minute Suite is a more enjoyable experience than waiting at your assigned gate. The Minute Suites at PHL is located at the A/B Connector, slightly closer to Terminal B.

    It’s usually best to reserve a room at Minute Suites locations ahead of your visit by booking at or contacting a location directly. Plus, members of Priority Pass tend to save money on reservations because of the program’s partnership with Minute Suites—learn what Priority Pass is and what’s included.