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Minute Suites DFW: What to know

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    • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport offers two Minute Suites locations, both open 24 hours a day.
    • You can reserve Minute Suites ahead of time at or by contacting locations directly.
    • If you have a Priority Pass™ membership, you may get a one-hour complimentary stay at Minute Suites and specific savings after your first hour. 

    Minute Suites, part of the Priority Pass™ network of lounges, offers access to quiet, private spaces to relax, sleep or freshen up in between flights or a clean, private, safe place to spend the night while avoiding hotel shuttles and last minute hotel reservations. These are different than traditional airport lounges because they’re smaller private rooms. Sometimes referred to as “nap rooms,” you can reserve a Minute Suite by the hour, making it a great option for those with short overnight connections, or long layovers when you want to catch up on some sleep and private relaxation. Suites feature a comfortable daybed, desk and chair. Private shower/restroom suites are available to book as well.

    Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) features these Minute Suites in two different terminals, Terminal A and Terminal D. In this article, we’ll go over more details about how you can find and access these suites the next time you’re traveling through the Dallas area.

    Minute Suites locations at DFW

    There are two Minute Suites locations at DFW, both inside security:

    • Terminal A (7 suites) – Located airside near Gate A39
    • Terminal D (10 suites plus 2 showers)  - Located airside - located near Gate D23

    Minute Suites hours of operation at DFW

    As of February 2024, these locations are open 24 hours daily. Hours are subject to change, so be sure to visit to confirm and make a reservation ahead of time if needed.

    How to access & reserve Minute Suites at DFW

    To reserve a room at DFW’s Minute Suites location, you can contact them directly, or book online at A reservation is not required ahead of time, but it may help guarantee you have a room, especially during highly trafficked times of the year.

    Minute Suites: Pricing

    Pricing will vary depending on the length of your stay. You can choose from the following:

    • Hourly stays customizable to suit your needs (One hour minimum)
    • 15-minute increments
    • 30-minute shower
    • Overnight stay (8 hours)

    How Minute Suites works with Priority Pass

    Minute Suites is a partner of Priority Pass. This means that if you have a Priority Pass membership, you can access Minutes Suites free for one hour and receive substantial benefits after your first hour; for details on additional discounts, please visit Priority Pass Benefits - Minute Suites.

    Keep in mind that a visit to Minute Suites may count toward your total allotment of visits to the network of Priority Pass locations. That allotment is different depending on your membership tier. If you go over that allotment, you may be charged a fee to visit. You’ll want to refer to Priority Pass’ website to confirm the terms of your membership tier.

    Tip: Several credit cards offer complimentary Priority Pass membership. Before you go, check to see if your credit card already enables access to Minute Suites. Learn more about the Priority Pass network of lounges at DFW airport.

    In summary

    Minute Suites offers a much-needed respite during a long day of traveling. DFW Airport offers two locations, Terminal A, near gate A39 and Terminal D, near gate D23, both open 24 hours a day. With certain Priority Pass membership levels, you can get a one-hour complimentary stay at Minute Suites locations. Anyone can still make reservations although Priority members may be able to receive specific savings on various time increments beyond the first hour.

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