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Minute Suites Atlanta: What to know

Published April 5, 2024| minute read


    • There are four Minute Suites locations in the Atlanta airport, and they’re open 24 hours a day.
    • You can reserve Minute Suites ahead of time at or by contacting locations directly.
    • If you have a Priority PassTM membership, you may get a one-hour complimentary stay at Minute Suites and specific savings after your first hour.

    Need a nap? Maybe just some quiet? Consider Minute Suites, a company specializing in private spaces within airports around the United States. Sleep, relax, work or shower ahead of your flight in a Minute Suite if you’d like an alternative to waiting at your gate.

    Minute Suites Atlanta locations are open 24 hours a day* and can provide a convenient, clean space to spend the night without ever leaving the airport. Here’s some important information about the Minute Suites locations at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL).

    Minute Suites locations at ATL airport

    As of February 2024, here’s where you’ll find each Minute Suites at ATL airport (all past security).

    Concourse B:

    • Gate B16
    • Gate B24 (showers available)

    Concourse E: In the atrium at the top of the escalators (showers available).

    Concourse F: Near Gate F6.

    Minute Suites hours of operation at ATL

    ATL airport’s Minute Suites are open 24 hours a day (subject to change). The minimum stay is one hour with 15-minute increments available to purchase beyond that. A flat rate for eight hours overnight is available, too.

    How to access and reserve Minute Suites at ATL airport

    To access any Minute Suites location, you may need to show your boarding pass when you arrive. Reserving a room ahead of your visit is usually a good move. You can reserve a room online at or contact a location directly.

    Minute Suites pricing

    The duration of your visit and the location’s pricing policy are two factors that determine how much you’ll pay. The minimum stay is one hour and you can usually pay for additional 15-minute increments beyond that. Priority Pass members can often receive specific savings beyond their first hour.

    Shower services are also available at many Minute Suites locations and can be reserved in 30-minute increments. If there is capacity for you to spend the night, you can reserve a room for up to eight hours. That could be great to have for an overnight layover.

    Minute Suites and Priority Pass: What’s the connection?

    Minute Suites partners with Priority Pass, an airport experiences program that provides members with access to hundreds of facilities in airports around the world. The different membership levels of Priority Pass are available to purchase at the Priority Pass website. Membership may also be a benefit of your credit card. You’ll just need your physical or digital Priority Pass membership card to receive your member benefits at a Minute Suites location.

    With certain Priority Pass membership levels, you can get a one-hour complimentary stay at Minute Suites locations. Anyone can still make reservations although Priority members may be able to receive specific savings on various time increments beyond the first hour.

    In summary

    Some people may think that airport terminals are the last place to find a private retreat. Minute Suites are exactly where you may be able to enjoy a quiet moment away from the crowds.

    Minute Suites offer private settings if all you want to do is relax or refresh before a flight. You can reserve rooms ahead of time and may save money on different stays as benefit of Priority Pass membership. At ATL airport, there are four Minute Suites locations to choose from. For online booking, contact information and additional locations, visit