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Here's how to redeem your credit card rewards points

Credit Cards

How to redeem credit card points

If you have a rewards credit card and are making a big-item purchase, consider using or redeeming your rewards to help pay for it. Depending on the type of credit card or reward program you're enrolled in, there may be ways for you to use those points to earn discounts.

How are reward points earned?

Credit card reward points can be earned in the following ways:

  • New card member bonus promotions
  • Cash back promotions
  • Purchases in select categories
  • Participating in loyalty programs

What can reward points be redeemed for?

Some options for redeeming credit card reward points include:

Gift cards: Reward programs typically include gift cards as a flexible redemption option. You may find gift card options ranging from restaurants to department stores to entertainment services.

Statement credit: Your reward points can be redeemed as statement credit.

Travel: If you've earned points through an airline or hotel credit card, then you might be required to redeem points directly with the brand. Points and cash back earned through traditional credit cards can also be redeemed for travel through select booking websites.

Cash: Depending on the card, customers may be able to request their cash back in the form of a check or direct deposit.

How do I redeem reward points?

Reward points can usually be redeemed through your credit card reward portal or mobile app. If you are actively working to earn and accumulate points, don't forget to check if there are any expiration dates associated with your earned points.