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Global Entry name change: How to update your Global Entry card

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    If you've recently legally changed your name — for any reason — you may want to start updating your travel documents to reflect that change. For international travelers, navigating a Global Entry name change may seem daunting. However, if you're armed with the right information, you'll be passing through security lines again soon enough.

    Reasons to update your Global Entry

    There are a few different circumstances that would require you to update your Global Entry membership. Some of these include a name change due to marriage or divorce, if you've updated any of the information on your passport or permanent resident card, or if you've changed your address.

    The process for updating your information, however, is not the same across all scenarios. Below, the requirements for different updates are outlined.

    How to request an update

    There are two ways to complete a Global Entry update. To update your passport information or address, you can complete the update online. For a passport update including a name change, you must make an in-person visit after changing your name in your online Trusted Traveler account.

    Updating online

    A Global Entry address change or an update to your passport information can be completed through your Trusted Traveler Program account. Log into your account and click on “update documents." This is the extent of the process. You will not be issued a new Global Entry sticker for your new passport, as the sticker is not a requirement to use Global Entry. If you like having the sticker, however, you can request a new one at an enrollment center.

    Visiting an enrollment center

    If the update to your passport includes a name change, you must visit an enrollment center in person. Unlike your initial interview, this doesn't require an appointment. You may visit your local enrollment center any time during business hours. You can also complete your name change at one of the enrollment centers at an arrival airport if you're returning from a trip abroad. 

    Regardless of where you make your visit, there are a few documents you must have with you.

    Documents needed

    When completing your in-person name change, you must have: 

    • New passport or permanent resident card 
    • Legal name change document 
    • Original Global Entry card 

    To ensure you have all documents required to complete the name change, call your local enrollment center for a full list.

    FAQs about updating Global Entry

    While the process to update your Global Entry information will likely be familiar, you may still have some questions. 

    • Will my Known Traveler Number change? No, when you update your Global Entry with new passport information, an address change or a name change, your Known Traveler Number will remain the same. 
    • How much does it cost? It's free to update your information. However, if you update your name and would like a new Global Entry card, it costs $25. A new Global Entry card is not required, and the fee is subject to change. 
    • How long does it take to update my information? Upon approval of your name change, the change will go into effect immediately. You can start traveling with your new identification right away. 
    • Why would I have to update my passport or permanent resident card? When you renew your passport, your passport number, date of issue and date of expiry will all be updated. The same goes for a permanent resident card.

    In summary

    If you've renewed your passport or permanent resident card, moved residence or legally changed your name, it's important that all your travel documents match. Changing your Global Entry information with a new address or passport details requires nothing more than an update to your online profile. But if you're updating your name, remember to give yourself time to visit an enrollment center before any upcoming trips.

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