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Can you buy gift cards with Chase Ultimate Rewards®?

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    Chase cardmembers have a variety of options when it comes to redeeming earned rewards. One of those options is gift cards — Chase has a long list of partners with whom you can redeem Ultimate Rewards points for gift cards. Let's learn a little more about Chase Ultimate Rewards, how to get gift cards with these types of points and whether you can give someone a redeemed gift card.

    What is Chase Ultimate Rewards?

    Chase Ultimate Rewards® is the credit card rewards program specific to Chase branded cards. You earn Ultimate Rewards points by making purchases with Chase-branded cards, such as Chase Sapphire, Chase Freedom and Ink Business cards. Co-branded cards do not earn Ultimate Rewards points.

    The rate at which you earn points can vary between cards and bonus purchase categories. On some cards, for instance, you may earn one point per dollar on some purchases, but three points per dollar in select categories like grocery stores or dining. You may also earn bonus points through welcome offers. Consult your card's Rewards Program Agreement to find out more about how to maximize your Ultimate Rewards points.

    Once you accumulate points, they may be redeemable in a handful of different ways:

    • Travel
    • Cash back
    • Purchases through select retailers
    • Experiences (access to special events for eligible cardmembers)
    • Gift cards

    To check your Ultimate Rewards points balance, you can use your online account, visit the Ultimate Rewards page or use the Chase Mobile® app. Alternatively, you can call the customer service number on the back of your Chase branded credit card.

    How much rewards points are worth may depend on how you redeem them. If you're looking to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points for gift cards, the conversion is usually one cent per point. As an example, a $25 gift card would generally cost 2,500 points. However, Chase routinely offers promotions that may raise the value of your points.

    Redeeming Chase Ultimate Rewards points for gift cards

    To redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards for gift cards, you'll typically need to:

    1. Log into your Ultimate Rewards account.
    2. Find and click on a section labeled “Earn / Use" — it will likely also show your points balance.
    3. From there, you'll see your redemption options — in this case, you'd choose gift cards.
    4. Select from the choices available.

    Chase has a long list of partners with which you can redeem Ultimate Rewards points for gift cards. These include popular chain restaurants, delivery services, department stores, drugstores, online retailers and more. If you don't see your preferred retailer, you can use the search feature to see if it's available.

    Once you decide on a gift card, the next steps are:

    1. Choose the monetary value of your gift card.
    2. Put in the dollar amount to see how many points it will cost.
    3. Choose between a digital gift card or a physical one, if applicable.
    4. Check out and pay with your Ultimate Rewards points.

    Can I give someone a redeemed gift card?

    If you're looking to redeem your Ultimate Rewards points to give someone else a gift card, you can do this in two ways. The first way is with a physical gift card. Once you choose your gift card, you'll need to choose the option for a physical gift card.

    Chase will automatically fill in your shipping address based on the information tied to your account, so you'll have to give the gift card to your intended recipient on your own, rather than shipping it directly to them from the Ultimate Rewards portal.

    If you want to send an e-gift card, you can have Chase send you an email with the gift card information. You can then forward that email to the person of your choice.

    In summary

    Gift cards are one of a handful of ways to redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Whether you're a fan of a specific retailer or restaurant, or you want to give a gift card to a friend or family member, you can do so through the gift card section in the Ultimate Rewards portal.

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