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Why use Chase Credit Journey?

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    With so much information available to the public about credit, you may be wondering why you should enroll in Chase Credit Journey®. You might be using an online banking platform or an app that helps you with credit already. It's a no-cost online resource for everyone, whether you bank with Chase or not. When you enroll, you can get a free credit score, a credit report provided by Experian™, a personal dashboard and so much more. 

    Depending on where you are in your life, you may enroll in Chase Credit Journey for a variety of reasons. Maybe you just got your first credit card and are looking for guidance about how a credit score works. Or maybe you don’t know how often you should be checking your credit score and if checking it will hurt your score. Perhaps you’re curious about what score you need to take out a loan, or wondering how you can better protect your privacy. No matter what your credit concern is, Chase Credit Journey can be a vital resource to you.

    Below we dive into just some of the many reasons why you should consider using Chase Credit Journey.

    It’s accessible to everyone

    Contrary to what one might think, you do not need to bank with Chase in order to enroll in Chase Credit Journey. In fact, you don’t need to have a credit card at all. This tool is free for everyone—it’s meant to help build your financial knowledge and help track your credit score no matter who you bank with or what credit card accounts or loan types you have. When you join, you’ll get access to a range of helpful resources to get you started on your financial journey, including access to your free credit score as well as credit and identity monitoring services.

    You plan to make a large purchase

    When you’re about to make a large purchase—like a home or car—your mind might be buzzing with questions. You could be wondering, “Will my current credit score enable me to be seen as a low-risk candidate worthy of a loan?” And, “Will this purchase negatively affect my credit score?” During these moments, having a good credit score and knowing where you stand financially is especially important. 

    With Chase Credit Journey, you don’t have to grapple with these questions on your own. This tool will give you tips and explanations to your biggest questions around your credit score. By visually capturing the state of your credit, you can get a high level view of the factors that affect your score, what a good credit score means and ways to improve it. You’ll also be able to regularly check your credit score to keep an eye out for any changes.

    You want to learn more about credit

    Many people go through their life without the tools and resources they need to understand their finances. While there are thousands of banks, credit unions and other financial institutions offering various digital tools and applications, this can get overwhelming, and you might not know which tool to use or how to use it.

    When it comes to understanding your credit, you want something simple, streamlined and easy to follow. You want to be able to break down all the complex language and financial terms around credit cards into something more digestible. Chase Credit Journey can help you understand what your score means, how to maintain or improve it and what steps you can take to feel empowered about your financial decisions.

    You want to monitor your credit

    There’re many benefits to monitoring your credit—it’s a great step towards understanding and improving your score. Chase Credit Journey gives you an updated credit score every 7 days if you check it frequently or every month if you check infrequently, so you’ll be aware of any shifts in your score.

    When you keep track of your credit, you’re making a proactive choice to stay aware of any changes to your score. This can help you stay alert for any potential fraudulent activities or late payments that you might have overlooked. You may have already established credit, but what happens if you find an error on your report or your information gets stolen? 

    Not to worry—Chase Credit Journey has your back. Chase Credit Journey offers free credit monitoring and identity monitoring services that will help you keep track of your credit and sensitive information.

    Access to resources

    When you enroll in Chase Credit Journey, you’ll get a dynamic personal dashboard that brings visual clarity to your finances, insights and improved decision making. You can check your credit score as often you’d like, and your score will get updated regularly. You’ll learn about how your score could be affected when you take certain actions, like taking out a loan or applying for a new credit card. You’ll also get access to quick tips and Credit Insider, a suite of engaging knowledge-based articles and videos that will boost your financial savviness and help guide you through today’s complex financial landscape.

    Round the clock support

    Another reason to consider enrolling in Chase Credit Journey is to have access to our support services—we’ll help you with your financial questions and decision making every step of the way. For example, let’s say you found an error on your credit report—what do you do? How do you fix it? Chase Credit Journey offers support such as a guide for helping you dispute inaccurate information should you find any errors on your credit report.

    In conclusion

    There are many reasons why you may want to enroll in Chase Credit Journey. Whether you’re 18 and about to make your own financial decisions or a newlywed looking to purchase a home, Chase Credit Journey can provide the insights, knowledge and peace of mind you’ll need to feel safe, secure and empowered. From free credit scores to free credit monitoring services and more, this free tool will give you knowledge and resources you need to start your financial journey and empower you to make the best financial decisions.

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