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Who should be using Chase Credit Journey®?

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    You've likely heard of this free online tool that can give you your free credit score. But what is it exactly? And is it for you?

    Let's dive into some of the categories of people who might find Chase Credit Journey useful—those who want to leverage a free, easy to use tool to unlock insights, guide decision-making and make better choices when it comes to credit.

    Starting out with Credit Journey®

    Maybe you never really understood what credit is—that's okay! We know personal finance is not something everyone inherently understands. That's why enrolling in Credit Journey® is perfect for those just starting out their financial journey. When you enroll, you'll get access to your free credit score and a credit report, regardless of whether you bank with Chase or not. Chase Credit Journey will guide you through the process of understanding what credit is, why it matters, what your score means and the factors that impact it. Learning this information in an easy-to-use, visual platform will help breakdown the complexities of credit and help you make the right financial choices.

    First-time home buyer

    Looking to buy your first home? As you may already know, purchasing a home can be overwhelming, but Chase Credit Journey® is here to help guide you. Part of that guidance is instructing you how to build a good credit score. Your lender will want to see that you're reliable and a low risk with a solid payment history and a good credit history, which are key factors that go into calculating your credit score.

    Getting a loan

    Considering taking out a loan for school?

    Or maybe you need an auto loan to buy your next car. Whatever the reason, getting a loan can be more difficult if you don't know your score because you won't know what kind of rates you'll likely receive. Having a low credit score can prevent you from getting good rates. For example, if you're looking into an auto loan, a good credit score will help get you lower annual percentage interest rates (APRs) and lower monthly payments.

    When you enroll in Chase Credit Journey, you'll be able to see how factors like taking out a loan will impact your score. You'll also get access to credit score for free, which updates every 7 days if you regularly use Credit Journey, so you can better understand how your loan affects your credit score. You'll also learn how your credit score at the time of the loan approval affects the total cost of your loan, including the kind of interest rates you'll be eligible for.

    Refinancing a loan

    Maybe you already took out a loan, but life has made you consider refinancing it so you can pay off some other bills. Chase Credit Journey is here to help—when you enroll, you'll get access to many tips for how to manage your finances including ways to refinance a loan. Financial language can be confusing, but with Chase Credit Journey, you'll have tools like Credit Insider to guide you through the process with confidence. You'll also see how financing a loan could impact your credit score and how to improve it if it gets negatively impacted.

    Paid off your loan

    Just paid off your student loan bills? Finished your car payments and got the title to your vehicle? These are great moments to look into your credit and see how these payments have impacted your score. Because payment history plays a large role in calculating your credit score, paying off loans can cause your credit to fluctuate. Credit Journey can help unlock insights into how to recover from any damage your score may have suffered and how to approach your financial health now that you've paid off your loan.


    Have you been making some money on your business idea, but don't know how to manage it or have the financial knowledge about how this could affect you? Enrolling in Chase Credit Journey can help jumpstart your financial knowledge so you can get ahead and make proactive choices about your new money-making ideas! Learn, for example, how your income can help improve your chances of getting approved by lenders. You may also want to access to credit monitoring and identity monitoring services to keep your information safe as you learn and grow.


    You've had an illustrious career and saved some money—but now you're ready to relax and enjoy your golden years and hard-earned money. However, you want to maintain a good credit score and you're not sure how financial intuitions might assess your creditworthiness now that you have retired. You might be wondering what approaches you can take to ensure that your credit remains healthy as you enjoy your time as a retiree. Chase Credit Journey can help. We have insights and tools for everyone, no matter what stage of life—including those who are no longer earning an income.

    Why credit is important

    Credit is important for everyone, no matter where you are in your walk of life. Understanding and having good credit enables you to make empowering decisions about your finances. Chase Credit Journey® is for anyone looking to enhance their financial knowledge and to take the next step on their path to financial wellness. Whether you're about to buy a home or you're considering applying for your first credit card, your credit score is an invaluable piece of information that can impact your journey. Enroll today to get access to free resources, tools and more!

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