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How to use Chase Shopping Portal to earn points

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    Online shopping can be convenient, quick and simple. But did you know you can also earn more points if you’re shopping through an online portal?

    In this article, we’ll discuss:

    • What is Shop Through Chase®?
    • Who can use Shop Through Chase?
    • How does Shop Through Chase work?
    • How to get points with Shop Through Chase

    What is Shop Through Chase?

    Shop Through Chase is an online shopping portal within Chase Ultimate Rewards® where Chase-branded cardmembers can earn 1x-15x Ultimate Rewards points on eligible purchases. Purchasing products with your credit card through the portal can earn you more points than purchasing directly with the merchant. Browse through over 500 participating retailers, such as Macy’s®, Best Buy® and Home Depot® to make your desired purchase and earn points along the way. Let’s get into more details about this portal below.

    Who can use Shop Through Chase?

    Most Chase cardmembers are eligible to use Shop Through Chase. Note that you cannot use co-branded cards. See your Rewards Program Agreement for more details about your Chase co-branded cards.

    How does Shop Through Chase work?

    To use Shop Through Chase, you will need to access the portal by going through either the Chase website or the Chase mobile app (more on this later).

    From there, you can review brands that are eligible for certain rewards and make your purchase through the portal. Your points may be posted to your account on the Shop Through Chase shopping details page within 15 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive an email confirming this. However, it can take up to 60 days for the points to get posted to your account.

    How to get points with Shop Through Chase

    Take advantage of the perks that come with being a Chase-branded cardmember and start earning points through Shop Through Chase! Let’s review how:

    1. Navigate to Shop Through Chase

    To navigate to Shop Through Chase, refer to the following steps:

    • You can access Shop Through Chase from the Chase website by logging into your account at
    • Select “Shopping & Experiences”
    • Then select “Shop & earn bonus points” from the Ultimate Rewards main menu

    You can also access it through the Chase Mobile app. To do so, go to “Benefits” and click on “Shop Now” to earn extra points. You will then be directed to the merchant’s website, but your activity will be tracked within the portal. Note: Be sure to complete your purchase within the same session. In other words, don’t click out/away from the link or browser, or purchasing from the site on a new tab.

    There may be featured rewards for you on the main Shop Through Chase dashboard, in which you can click “Shop and Earn” to get points.

    2. Make a purchase

    Once you’ve made your way to the portal, browse through the participating retailers and click on your desired brand with points eligibility.

    Next, click “Shop Now” and follow instructions for making your purchase. Be sure to make your purchase during the same session you began within the portal, rather returning to the retailer’s site at a different time.

    You'll receive a confirmation email showing your purchase as well as a confirmation email on the points you’ve received. Note that to earn points, you have to use the specific Chase card you logged in with to make the purchase.

    The bottom line

    By simply accessing the Shop Through Chase portal and making your online purchases there, you can earn more rewards from your favorite brands. As a savvy consumer and Chase cardmember, you may want to explore the wide range of perks that come with using Shop Through Chase.

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