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The guide to skiing in Park City, Utah

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    In addition to the globally known Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes for hiking, camping and of course, skiing and snowboarding. If you’re thinking about Park City for your next winter escapade, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ll go over:

    • Where to ski and snowboard in Park City, Utah
    • Tips for skiers and snowboarders in Park City, Utah

    Where to ski and snowboard in Park City, Utah

    Where you go to ski and snowboard depends on your skiing and snowboarding ability. In terms of beautiful vistas and a fun day on the slopes, you really can’t go wrong no matter which mountain you choose. You’ll want to look more at the difficulty of the trails and what each of the mountains have to offer. Let’s explore some options below.

    Park City Mountain

    Park City Mountain, which is just a 35-minute drive from Salt Lake City, has over 300 intermediate trails along with some advanced trails, including a 3,200-foot drop. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the spot for you, as Park City Mountain is built for the more experienced skier/snowboarder.

    Deer Valley Resort

    About two-thirds of the terrain at Deer Valley is made for immediate and beginner ski levels. This is a good spot to visit if you’re looking for a mix of easy and difficult slopes. You can also stop in one of their lodges, such as Snow Park Lodge, for some warm meals and a little “après ski.”

    Woodward Park City

    Spreading 70,000-square feet, Woodward Park City is a large sports campus with plenty of activities to offer. Not only are there plenty of trails to ski and snowboard, but tubing and trampolines are also available. This is a great location if you’re just starting out and want to advance your skills on the slopes, as about 60% of the trails here are for beginners, and the rest are intermediate.

    Tips for skiers and snowboarders in Park City, Utah

    Before your snow-filled trip, you may want to keep some of these tips in mind:

    • Plan ahead. Look at the weather and skiing conditions by going to the mountain’s site and keep up with any changes to the forecast. Conditions can develop very rapidly so keep your favorite weather app close at hand.
    • Map out your route. If you want to make the most of your trip, start by focusing on one part of the mountain then work your way to the other side, rather than hopping from one mountain to the next.
    • Familiarize yourself with the mountain language. For example, if you’re a novice, look for trails with green circles—these will be your friend, as they indicate beginner level trails. Blue squares, on the other hand, are for immediate level skiers, and black diamonds are for the pros.
    • Bundle up! Make sure you wear appropriate layers and consider packing hand and foot warmers for particularly frigid days.
    • Go in packs. For safety, travel with a partner or in a group.
    • Pace yourself. No need to overdo it! Every mountain is different -- if it’s your first time at Park City, start with an easier slope to get a feel for the mountain.

    Create a plan for hitting the slopes

    In addition to the above tips, you’ll want to come up with a plan for your trip. Start by picking a mountain you want to ski based on your skill level, goals and the interests of your group. Look into options for where to stay, lodges to check out and perhaps consider looking into other tourist spots in case the weather intervenes and you cannot ski for a day.

    Make sure you purchase tickets online or visit the ticket office at the base of the mountain to get your tickets. Consider getting a multi-day ticket or a season pass depending on how long you will be there, and plan to stay near the resort or mountain to avoid traffic jams.

    Finally, check your equipment to make sure that it’s in good condition before your trip. If you’re renting, make sure to identify rental locations and prices so you can best prepare.

    Have a transportation or parking plan

    Because cars can create a traffic-packed situation (and if you want to avoid driving in turbulent conditions), consider using the bus systems in Park City. They are frequent and generally reach the major mountain locations.

    If you want to park, keep your eye out for particularly crowded days (such as on days where there is good powder/snow conditions). Pad your travel time so you have plenty of time to find parking and travel to the mountain base with your equipment (or get your rentals).

    Study the map of the mountain

    This is especially true if you’re new to the area or new to skiing. Keep an eye out for routes and trails that are novice-intermediate level, so you don’t take a wrong turn or select a route that you’re not ready for. Studying the map can help you plan out your day on the slopes and better time your day. Find lodges along the route so that you can stop at for lunch or to grab a warm beverage.

    Consider lift tickets and pass deals

    The cost of your trip can heavily depend on the group you’re going with and the duration of your trip. For example, single day tickets can be expensive, but if you purchase lift tickets for multiple days, you can generally get a discounted rate.

    If you’re traveling with kids, younger skiers may get a discount depending on their age ranges. Also look at your options for season passes. For example, the Epic Local pass works for mountains at Park City as well as Colorado resorts, and the Tahoe Local Pass is best for California residents who are traveling to Park City for a few days.

    Because a ski trip can become costly, look for ways you can maximize savings by being a savvy customer and considering your ticket options. Pack lunches if you want to minimize costs and use public transportation, which is generally low in cost.


    Whether you’re an avid skier or tackling the slopes for the first time, Park City, Utah, will open you up to a world of wintry landscapes and beautiful trails. Be sure to plan ahead and consider all your options before booking your trip and purchasing your tickets. This way you can have a smooth trip and enjoy the most of your winter adventure.

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