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My Chase Plan®: What is it and how does it work?

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    My Chase Plan lets Chase cardmembers break up eligible credit card purchases into equal monthly payments and pay over time. In this article, we’ll explain My Chase Plan, how it works, as well as its benefits.

    What is My Chase Plan?

    My Chase Plan is a feature of many Chase credit cards that enables you to break up a purchase of $100 or more into budget friendly payments. Choose from up to three flexible payment durations that work for you and your budget. My Chase Plan doesn’t accrue interest. Instead, there’s a fixed monthly fee.

    This “buy now, pay later” product is easy to set up and may offer you financial flexibility when you have made a larger purchase and helps you manage your cash flow.

    How does My Chase Plan work?

    After a purchase posts to your Chase credit card account, view your account activity by signing in to or the Chase Mobile® app. For eligible purchases, an option to “Pay over time” will appear next to the transaction. The availability and plan options may depend on your card, account history, purchase amount and creditworthiness.

    Setting up My Chase Plan

    Here’s how you can set up a My Chase Plan for an eligible purchase on your credit card:

    1. Use your Chase credit card to make a purchase
    2. Sign in to or the Chase Mobile app
    3. View your transaction history
    4. Choose an eligible transaction
    5. Choose the payment plan that works best for you

    To see exactly how it works, check out our demo.

    Which purchases are eligible

    Eligible purchases made with your Chase credit card will have a “Pay over time” option next to the transaction amount in your account activity. Not all purchases of $100 or more are eligible, including:

    • Cash-like transactions, such as cash advances
    • Any fees owed to Chase, including annual membership fees
    • Purchases made under a promotion

    A list of eligible purchases will also be viewable on the My Chase Plan dashboard, after you choose “Create a plan.”

    Plan durations

    The duration of a My Chase Plan can range from 3-24 months. When setting up a plan, you could see up to three different plan durations. They vary from purchase to purchase, but each option will be for a different time period and different monthly fee. Monthly payments for any plan will be equal.

    Early payoff

    Once your My Chase Plan appears on your credit card statement, the plan can be paid off early without any penalties or future fees for the plan. To do so, pay the full statement balance. To pay off a plan before it appears on your statement, pay your current balance.

    What happens if I miss a payment?

    Your My Chase Plan will stay active even if you miss a payment. That past-due payment will then be added to your minimum payment due on your next month’s statement. Note that if you don't make your minimum credit card payment by the due date, you may receive a credit card late fee. Please review your card’s terms and conditions for information about late fees.

    Missed payments may also prevent you from paying off your My Chase Plan within the period you chose when you set up the plan. That may result in additional monthly installment fees. The My Chase Plan fee will be charged every month until you’ve paid the plan balance in full, regardless of whether you miss a payment.

    What are the benefits of My Chase Plan?

    My Chase Plan may be most beneficial when managing a budget. Its defining feature is to help you make a purchase with your credit card, then pay it overtime in installments with no interest – just a fixed monthly fee. Plus, you can have up to 10 active plans on a single credit card account and you'll still earn rewards on the original purchase amount. All of these benefits considered, setting up one or more My Chase Plans could be a great opportunity, depending on your current budget and lifestyle. An added benefit? No credit check needed.

    Does My Chase Plan affect my credit score?

    Setting up a My Chase Plan doesn’t directly affect your credit score. As you set up a My Chase Plan, the balance is added to your “interest saving balance.” This is the whole balance of the plan, but each installment amount will be added to the minimum amount due each month.

    Paying your minimum monthly payment is important to maintaining and building your credit score. For resources and tools to help you manage your credit, try Chase Credit Journey®. It’s free, even if you don’t have a Chase account.


    With My Chase Plan, you could pay off a purchase over time in monthly payments. There’s a fixed monthly fee but no interest for the purchase once it’s put in a plan. You can start a plan for an eligible purchase at or the Chase Mobile app—just view your credit card transactions or access the My Chase Plan dashboard. For more information about My Chase Plan, visit

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