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How to maximize your Chase Ultimate Rewards® in the Chase Mobile® app

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    The world of credit card rewards is an exciting one, but it may also be perplexing if you don’t know your way around it. However, once you see the array of Chase Ultimate Rewards® benefits you have access to as a Chase cardmember, you may just wonder how you managed without them. The best news is that all of it — from gift cards and cash back to travel discounts and exclusive offers — is accessible in the palm of your hand through the Chase Mobile® app.

    What is Chase Ultimate Rewards®?

    Chase Ultimate Rewards® is the rewards points program for Chase credit cardmembers, offering a selection of exciting ways to use the points you earn when using your card.

    You can earn Ultimate Rewards® points on most purchases made with an eligible Chase credit card, typically at a rate of a single point per dollar spent (though, as you’ll see further down, there are ways to earn added points per dollar).

    Which cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards®?

    Currently, the following credit cards are eligible to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards® points:

    • Personal credit cards:
      • Chase Freedom Flex℠
      • Chase Freedom Unlimited®
      • Chase Sapphire Preferred®
      • Chase Sapphire Reserve®
    • Business credit cards:
      • Ink Business Cash®
      • Ink Business Unlimited®
      • Ink Business Preferred®

    Finding your Chase Ultimate Rewards® in the Chase Mobile® app

    Accessing the Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal in the Chase Mobile® app is relatively straightforward, though specifics may vary depending on the device and operating system you’re on. The basic steps are as follows:

    1. Open the Chase Mobile® app and log into your account using your credentials. (Note, if this is your first time using mobile or online banking, you may need to set up your online account first via the Chase website or by stopping in at a local Chase branch for assistance.)
    2. Once logged in, scroll down the home screen (also known as the “Accounts” page) to find a section labeled “Rewards” that should display your current Chase Ultimate Rewards® points balance.
    3. Click on your points balance (or the button next to it) to head over to your Chase Ultimate Rewards® dashboard.
    4. Alternatively, you can access your rewards dashboard by clicking onto your “Benefits & Travel” page and scrolling down until you see a button labeled “Explore Ultimate Rewards®.”
    5. The “Benefits” page also has a points tracker that provides more information on your current and pending points balance, which you can click for a thorough breakdown of your rewards activity.

    How to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards® points

    Redeeming your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points is easy thanks to the convenience of the Chase Mobile® app and its Ultimate Rewards® dashboard. Note that different Ultimate Rewards® cards have different benefits and points redemption structures. Consulting the Rewards Program Agreement for your card can provide you with more information.

    Here are the many ways you can potentially redeem your rewards points:

    Pay with Points

    The Pay with Points option allows you to instantly redeem your points as payment for all or part of your eligible orders at select partners, including taxes and shipping. Redemption values for points used to Pay with Points may vary, so it’s best to consult your Rewards Agreement for specifics.

    Buy gift cards

    Your Chase Ultimate Rewards® can also be used to buy gift cards from a veritable smorgasbord of vendors, with hundreds of available options to choose from across categories like Travel, Home Improvement, Dining, Grocery and more. Redemption values can vary, and there’s an ever-changing stream of promotions throughout the year offering an additional 10 to 20% more points value. It may, therefore, be worthwhile to check in regularly to see what new bonuses you might take advantage of.

    Pay Yourself Back

    Paying other vendors with your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points is a pretty sweet deal, but using Pay Yourself Back to turn points into credits for your own account — what could be sweeter than that? The Pay Yourself Back feature converts points into statement credits that can be applied to eligible purchases like charitable donations or certain other categories, depending on the card you hold. Depending on the card you have, sometimes these redemption values may also feature an elevated conversion rate.

    Cash Back

    Alternatively, you could just opt to turn your Ultimate Rewards® points into cash in your account via the Cash Back feature that typically converts points to cash at a rate of $0.01 per point. For example, if you were to convert 10,000 points, you’d get $100 deposited to the account of your choice. Note that conversion values may be subject to change based on ongoing promotions and other factors. Refer to your Rewards Agreement for the full details.


    Redeeming your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points via the travel portal is yet another way both you and your points can go further. Depending on the card you have, your points may even have additional value. For instance, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® card typically converts points at a rate of $0.0125 per point while the Chase Sapphire Reserve generally offers a full $0.015 per point when booking travel via the Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal. For example, if you were to convert 10,000 points, you’d get $125 in value to use toward travel with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, or $150 with the Sapphire Reserve. Points can be used to book flights, transportation, accommodation and much more.

    Chase Dining

    Ultimate Rewards® members who have an appetite for life can feast like a king with Chase Dining, which allows points conversions at similar rates to travel. Besides standard reservations, takeout and delivery, Chase Dining also provides access to unique dining experiences you may not find elsewhere.

    Points Transfer

    Chase Ultimate Rewards® points are accepted throughout a large network of airline and hotel partners, allowing you to transfer your points and redeem them through their respective loyalty programs, instead. Note that you must be an existing member of the eligible loyalty program you wish to transfer your points to, and that the Points Transfer feature is currently not available to Chase Freedom® cards. To find out more, refer to your Rewards Agreement.

    How to earn additional Chase Ultimate Rewards® points

    With so many great ways to redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points, it’s only natural to want to really maximize the points you’re getting. Luckily, the Ultimate Rewards® portal in your Chase Mobile® app makes this trick a relative breeze.

    Shop Through Chase

    Shop Through Chase offers Chase customers exclusive offers from a number of your favorite brands and vendors, giving you a chance to potentially earn significantly more points per dollar with your purchase at participating stores — earning one to 15 bonus points per dollar. Offers are updated constantly, so this is an area of the Ultimate Rewards® portal that may be well worth getting familiar with.


    There’s nothing quite like sharing prosperity with your friends, and with Chase Ultimate Rewards® it’s behavior you can get rewarded for. When you refer a friend via the official Refer-A-Friend program, you get a points bonus or cash back for each friend whose card is approved. Note that specific referral rewards vary depending on the card type, and there’s typically an annual limit on bonuses earned from referrals.

    Cash back category spending

    Your Chase Ultimate Rewards® cards each have specific categories that earn points on every eligible purchase redeemable for cash back. These categories can include things like dining, gas, travel and more, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make purchases that are eligible to earn additional cash back. Specific categories and bonuses earned can vary by card, so it may be helpful to consult your card’s Rewards Program Agreement to find out more.

    Maximizing promotional rewards

    As mentioned above, there are a lot of promotional opportunities to either earn more points per dollar spent or redeem points for additional value. These promotions are updated regularly, so you may want to check in frequently to see what new bonuses you have an opportunity to earn.

    In summary

    Chase Ultimate Rewards® offers a myriad of ways to use and accumulate points so that there’s something for just about everybody. Whether it’s direct purchases and gift cards, booking unique dining experiences, embarking upon exciting travel opportunities or more — your points could help you do a lot! Best of all, you can use the Chase Mobile® app to access and manage your rewards anytime, anywhere for even more flexibility.

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