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How to expedite your Global Entry application

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    The interview is an important part of the application process for Global Entry, a Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) that designates travelers as low risk. Simply put, the goal of Global Entry is to help travelers move through U.S. Customs screenings faster than normal.

    The average processing time of a Global Entry application can take up to six months, according to the TTP website. In part, that's because of the program's popularity, but the time the application process takes can also be based on the availability for interviews at your nearest enrollment center.

    In this article, we'll describe some strategies that may be able to help you expedite the Global Entry application process.

    Two easy ways you might speed up your Global Entry application

    One way you might be able to expedite the Global Entry application process is by using the program Enrollment on Arrival (EoA). Another way is by utilizing a third-party service called Appointment Scanner.

    Enrollment on Arrival

    EoA is meant for conditionally-approved Global Entry applicants who are traveling to the United States. To use EoA, you would need to begin the normal Global Entry application process. Once you receive a conditional approval, you can complete your interview when you arrive. EoA is available at participating international terminals, where U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents can complete the Global Entry interview for you during the routine admissibility inspection.

    Appointment Scanner

    If you have a conditional approval for Global Entry, you might want to sign up for Appointment Scanner. This paid service can alert you about last-minute interview openings at Global Entry enrollment centers you select.

    People may have to cancel or reschedule their Global Entry interviews for any number of reasons. Appointment Scanner can be helpful in these cases if you can respond to an alert and get to an enrollment center on short notice.

    Additional tips to schedule a Global Entry  interview fast

    You might be able to schedule your Global Entry interview quickly with some outside-the-box ideas.

    Schedule where you're traveling

    If you already have a trip scheduled, it may be a good opportunity to complete your Global Entry interview. Many enrollment centers are in major cities and may fit conveniently into your travel plans.

    Watch the schedule carefully

    CBP typically receives a high number of applications for Global Entry. You can schedule an interview after you receive conditional approval. Applicants may be scheduling, canceling and rescheduling appointments all the time, though.

    Check in on the available appointments regularly, then schedule a time that works for you. This might make it possible to speed up your overall Global Entry application process.

    Review options at multiple enrollment centers

    You may be able to schedule your Global Entry interview faster depending on the enrollment center you visit. Each center has different hours and personnel, so availability can differ, too. The Global Entry enrollment center in Washington, D.C., for instance, is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday (as of May 2024).

    Your instinct may be to schedule your Global Entry interview at a center closest to you. But if you're interested in scheduling an interview ASAP, consider exploring interview availability at various centers, even if you have to travel a bit to get to one.

    You might also be able to complete your interview if you're returning from an international flight at an EoA airport. To participate, you don't need to schedule an interview ahead of time. You should just need your conditional approval and the required documentation.

    What if I just need to renew my Global Entry?

    The Global Entry renewal process isn't too different from the enrollment process, but the good news is that you may not have to interview again. You can apply for a renewal within one year of your membership's expiration date. When you're eligible, you should see a renewal application option after you log in to your TTP account online.

    After submitting a renewal application and paying the fee, you should be notified through your TTP account of any required action. The possibilities vary. You may just need to provide updated documentation, for example. Alternatively, you might have to attend another interview.

    Check the requirements for the remote interview program

    This program launched in June 2021 and is still not available to all Global Entry applicants, but might be able to be used to renew your Global Entry membership. Usually, you attend an interview after receiving a conditional approval for your application. This is also true for virtual interviews, and the remote interview program may be a way to expedite your Global Entry renewal process.

    In summary

    You can schedule your Global Entry interview once you receive conditional approval. You may have to schedule months in advance because of availability at various enrollment centers. The EoA program can be a good option to complete your interview because it's conducted upon arrival in the United States. You might also be able to expedite the process by scheduling at centers that fit into your travel plans or frequently checking availability at various centers. The Appointment Scanner service may help, too, as it can alert you of select last-minute appointment openings.

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