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Is it safer to use a debit card or a credit card online?

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    Although many threats exist online, you may be considering shopping online with your debit card or credit card. Financial institutions may also monitor account activity and decline transactions they find unusual. If you’re curious about you card issuer’s specific security procedures, customer service specialists should be happy to help.

    Debit card and credit card security when shopping online

    Your credit card and debit card have similar components: the accountholder’s name, card number (usually 16 digits), expiration date and CVV code (usually three or four digits).

    Online storefronts do not typically require much information to charge your credit card or debit card. Similar information is typically required:

    • Name on the card
    • Full card number
    • Expiration date
    • CVV code
    • A billing address that matches the cardholder

    The name, card number and CVV code are usually unique to your card. Entering this information to complete a transaction online helps make sure the correct card is charged. Because this information is often requested for debit and credit cards alike. it may be helpful to learn more about fraud protection policies of the issuer of your debit card and credit card when deciding which you want to use for online purchases.

    How does Chase monitor debit card and credit card purchases?

    If you have a Chase product, please visit our Security Center to learn more about the steps we take to help keep your information safe.

    Should you use credit cards or debit cards online?

    While most websites accept both debit and credit cards, deciding which card to use is not always straightforward. The decision might depend on your own lifestyle, spending habits and general financial goals. If you are interested in security features of your debit card or credit card, your card issuer can provide information about how it protects your account.

    In conclusion

    Although many threats exist online, you may be wanting to use your debit card or credit card when shopping online. Financial institutions may offer features to help you monitor your account. Account alerts can be very useful in keeping you aware of important activity on your card. Fraud monitoring may be available, but this may vary depending on the issuer.

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