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Chase Mobile® app features to help you manage your money

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    If you want to save, track, spend, and budget your money, the Chase Mobile® app has the tools to help, right in your pocket. Working toward your financial goals can kick off with small, doable steps in your mobile banking app. Let’s explore some of these choices among key features that are ready and waiting on your touchscreen.

    Chase Mobile® app features

    Key features include alerts, Credit Journey, autosave tools, budget planners and spending reports. There are even ways to calculate your potential for big purchases and plot out a strategy to pay for them over time with your Chase Credit Card. When you choose Chase Mobile® banking, these features and more can serve you in tackling the steps toward your financial goals.

    Track spending with Chase Spending Report

    The Chase Spending Report can help you track your spending right in the Chase Mobile® app. You can choose either a monthly or annual view of your account activity.

    You can also look at your year-over-year or month-over-month spending — and even separate it by merchant category — to compare your spending habits over time. These details are available in pie chart form or on a trended line.

    Buy now and pay over time with My Chase Plan®

    Planning a large purchase can be challenging. But sometimes we all need a new mattress, refrigerator or other high-ticket item. That’s when My Chase Plan® can help you manage your credit card purchases. In the Chase Mobile® app account activity section, you can scroll through and select the “Pay over time” option next to eligible purchases of $100 or more and pay them off with budget friendly installments.

    Reasons to choose My Chase Plan®

    My Chase Plan includes the following options:

    • Pre-calculate your potential My Chase Plan® for an item before buying.
    • Make equal monthly payments with no interest – just a fixed monthly fee.
    • Choose from flexible plan durations – between 3-18 months.
    • Continue to earn rewards as you do today for purchases.

    To check your payment plan options before making a purchase of $100 or more, click on “Calculate a My Chase Plan” in the My Chase Plan® dashboard. You’ll see what a plan for such a purchase might look like.

    Set up and manage alerts with your Chase Mobile® app

    Mobile banking alerts can help highlight account milestones and monitor account balances. That could mean getting notifications for spending limits you set or an international charge authorized on card.

    You can also create alerts tailored to your accounts and goals. In these cases, you choose the rules that might trigger an alert. An example might be receiving an alert when your checking account balance goes below a threshold you set with eligible checking accounts.

    In summary

    From making a saving strategy to budgeting and staying on top of your spending, tools to help are already waiting right in the Chase Mobile® app. You can take steps toward your financial goals when it works for you by exploring its key features to help get you there. Managing your money is only a touchscreen away.

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