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Get answers to the most common questions about wire transfers.



You may send and receive wire transfers for all checking accounts except for Chase Secure Checking and Chase First Checking.

The maximum wire amount depends on the available funds in your account and any limits established by the bank. After enrolling in wire transfers, you'll see your daily transfer limit, before being prompted to add a recipient.

To check the status of a wire you sent, sign in, then follow the next steps.


  1. "Pay & transfer"
  2. "Wires and global transfers"
  3. "Payment activity"

On the Chase Mobile® app:

  1. "Pay & transfer"
  2. "See activity"
  3. "Wires & global transfers" 

Please call us at 1-800-935-9935 if you don't see your wire. Business banking customers, please visit Chase for Business

Domestic: For same-day wires, you don't have the option to cancel. For future-dated wires, you have until 11 :59 PM ET the day before the send date. 


International: If you send a wire transfer from your personal account, you have 30 minutes after you authorize the wire to cancel it. To cancel a wire transfer, look for it in your Wire activity and choose "Cancel" in the Action column. You'll only see "Cancel" next to a wire if you're able to cancel it. 


Note: Recovery of your money is very unlikely if you send money by mistake or due to a scam. Once you send a wire, you can't cancel it. 

A wire can be returned for several reasons:

  • The wrong account number was provided to the recipient bank
  • Wire is missing bank or country-specific information (e.g. statement of payment purpose for an international wire)
  • If any information in the "Message to recipient bank" field conflicts with bank records (e.g. wrong account number or name)
  • Recipient name provided doesn't match recipient bank's records

Your wire may be returned with a lesser amount for several reasons:

  • Recipient bank and/or intermediary bank has deducted processing fees
  • The exchange rate at the time of the return wire was different than the exchange rate of the initial wire

If your wire was returned, call us at 1-800-935-9935 to find out why. We accept operator relay calls.

Avoid wire scams. Learn to spot scammers in action.


Enroll in wire transfers then send money from the Chase Mobile®app

If you don't have the app, scan this code

Enroll in wire transfers then send money from the Chase Mobile®app

If you don't have the app, scan this code

Need the help of a banker to send a wire transfer?

We're happy to help. Schedule a meeting at a branch today. Bring your photo ID and mobile phone. Sending a wire in branch or with the help of a banker may have a higher fee.


Other ways to pay & transfer

Use Zelle®, pay bills online, deposit checks using your phone and more.