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Water features 101: A homeowner’s guide

Published April 23, 2024| minute read

    What if every day at home felt like you were living in a luxury hotel? You can capture that sensation by investing in a water feature. That’s right — the water wall and the fountain in the hotel spa can be incorporated into the home, too.

    Come along as we navigate the ins and outs of water features, discovering how they can improve your property and help you transcend home décor in a way you didn’t think possible.

    What are outdoor water features?

    A water feature is any nonessential home feature (meaning it isn’t crucial for the fundamental functions of your home) that incorporates, you guessed it, water! Water features may bring an array of additional benefits to your environment. They may be recreational, like a pool add-on, or aesthetic, like a bird bath. Water features are typically displayed outside, making them “outdoor” water features.

    Outdoor water feature ideas

    Outdoor water features can look like many things, and you may have encountered at least one of them before. Let’s explore some examples:

    Garden water features

    Garden water features enhance or create a scene in your back or front garden: for example, a tiered fountain with water spraying overtop and cascading down the side. Tiered fountains add a level of aesthetic sophistication and create a soothing soundscape. Another garden water feature is a koi pond. Some homeowners enjoy adding life to their space that invites other forms of wildlife and vegetation.

    Patio water features

    A patio water feature, like a garden water feature, enhances your outdoor patio space. A water bowl could be considered an example. Outdoor water bowls are typically freestanding and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Like a fountain, water bowls adorning your patio can be something pretty to look at and listen to. Other patio water features include a water wall, which is a wall with an infinity loop of water powered by electricity, or a bird bath, which is often seen in gardens, too.

    Pool water features

    While an outdoor pool is a water feature in and of itself, there are water features you can add along to your swimming pool that are beautiful, functional or both. Many people add waterfalls, hot tubs or diving rocks on top of their pools to help create a resort-like feel.

    Solar-powered water features

    Naturally, water features, especially ones that move and create sound, need energy to operate. Solar-powered water features can fall into any of the above categories, but instead of being powered by traditional forms of electricity, they harness the power of the sun in an effort to be more eco-friendly.

    Do water features increase home value?

    For the most part, a homeowner usually installs a water feature for their own enjoyment. One of the biggest benefits of homeownership is enjoying and investing in your space, because it’s yours to design, take pride in and enjoy — especially if it is your primary residence. So, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time in your backyard, or you’re someone who likes to swim, or a hobbyist looking for a labor of love (think garden or koi pond), you’re likely doing this for yourself. It’s also important to note that depending on the water feature, they may require upkeep that some buyers aren’t interested in taking on. On the other hand, water features can help your home’s curb appeal when and if you do go to sell it. Suffice it to say, water features don’t necessarily bolster your home value, but they aren’t something to fear either.

    In summary

    Your home provides so much for you: shelter, something to take care of, and ultimately, something to take pride in and enjoy. Water features can help enhance the overall look and feel of your home, especially if you’re looking to go the extra mile and create a tranquil, sensory experience. Whether you’re adding a fountain to your garden, a koi pond to your yard or a waterfall to your pool, outdoor water features can be an interesting way to add character to your property.

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