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Protection from identity theft: How features in the Chase Mobile® app can help

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    With the increase in ways to pay and the acceleration of online retail, the number of identity breaches keeps rising. For instance, the FTC received 1.4 million consumer identity theft complaints in 2020, double the number of complaints in 2019. Luckily, resources like alerts and identity monitoring features offered by Credit Journey in the Chase Mobile® app can help you start and maintain best practices for protection from identity theft. But first, let’s take a look at identity theft and protection to see how they can impact your credit.

    Identity theft vs. identity theft protection

    Identity theft happens when someone uses your personal and financial information without your permission. They may sell this data to someone else, apply for a credit card or even file taxes with your identity. These situations can negatively affect your credit and even hurt your finances. You can take various actions to help secure your personal and financial data. Chase has a variety of helpful resources and tips to keep you up to date on how to help protect your identity.

    How to help protect your identity

    Your primary resource for identity theft protection is yourself. After all, it’s your identity. But life can get busy and finding ways to protect your identity may be a bit easier with helpful resources. Chase Credit Journey® in the Chase Mobile® app can help you keep an eye on your credit information with credit monitoring services. Should you notice any unrecognized activity on your credit report, this may be a sign that someone has stolen your identity.

    How to check if someone is using your identity

    Many cases of identity theft can happen without your awareness. Someone may be using your identity for different reasons. For example, what if you get a credit card bill in the mail for an account that you didn’t apply for? Unwelcome surprises like this could be identified by reviewing your credit report regularly. Basically, it can be useful to monitor your accounts and finances — like checking your credit report for accounts in your name which you don’t recognize.

    Resources such as Chase Credit Journey® in the Chase Mobile® app can help with this process. In fact, with Chase Credit Journey®, you can access your credit information provided by Experian right on your mobile device.

    How identity monitoring can help

    Credit scores and credit card accounts work on a continuum; by nature, they go up and down. That’s why identity monitoring can play a crucial role in helping you feel secure in the ebb and flow of your personal financial journey. In fact, the identity monitoring offered through Chase Credit Journey® can help keep you updated on what’s happening with your credit. That includes positive, negative and new activity on your accounts. There are simple steps to sign up and check into this helpful service:

    1. Swipe up from the Chase Mobile® app homepage to click on "Credit Journey."
    2. Enroll in Credit Journey and add Identity Monitoring
    3. View your credit score then click "See all factors" impacting your score.
    4. Start Identity Monitoring with a tap to "Alerts" and the "Alerts inbox."

    In summary

    Protection from identity theft may seem like a heavy personal responsibility, but there are tools that may help. With Chase Credit Journey® you can help with identity theft protection. Using the Chase Mobile® app puts these tools right in your pocket to help you through the ups and downs of every day no matter how rocky the ride gets.

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