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Get to know the Chase Freedom Rise℠ credit card

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    When it comes to credit cards, many people looking to obtain their first card are unsure how to get started. Some people with no credit history start off by asking a parent or guardian to be a co-signer on their first credit card. Others apply for secured credit cards that require depositing a small sum, typically several hundred to a few thousand dollars, to begin building their credit from scratch.

    » More: Starting to build credit? Freedom Rise℠ offers cash back on each purchase.

    Chase Freedom Rise is a credit card offering people new to credit cards a way to move forward. Earning 1.5% cash back on every purchase is just one of many features that come with Freedom Rise.

    Read on to learn more about writing your own credit story, as well as the benefits and perks Freedom Rise cardmembers can enjoy.

    Begin your credit story with Chase: No prior credit history is required to qualify

    Chase does not require a prior credit history to qualify for a Freedom Rise card. Something else that may help is opening a Chase checking account and depositing at least $250 within three days of submitting the credit card application. Though none of these actions will guarantee you get approved for the card, they may increase your chances.

    What are some perks and benefits that come with your Freedom Rise credit card?

    Here are several additional benefits that come with Freedom Rise:

    Potential for a Freedom Rise credit limit increase after just six months

    Using your Freedom Rise card responsibly by paying more than the minimum payment on time and paying down balances may help you qualify for an increase to your credit limit. It can also potentially boost your credit score in just a half-year.

    Why pay cash when you can cash back?

    Many cards offer cash back on certain kinds of purchases. With Freedom Rise, you get 1.5% flat cash back on everything you buy using the card. This can help new cardmembers earn cash back quickly by using the card for regular as well as planned purchases. So, whether it’s filling up at the pump or that new set of eyeglasses you’ve had your eyes on, you earn cash back.

    It pays to pay automatically

    Freedom Rise rewards you for paying bills on time and for setting up automatic payments for your card. Cardmembers who activate automatic payments within the first three months of having the card receive $25 as a one-time statement credit.

    No minimum accumulated rewards are required to redeem points

    Some cards require you to earn minimal increments of points before you can put them to work. This is not the case with Freedom Rise. You can redeem your rewards points for any convenient amount.

    Enjoy the travel and purchase benefits that come with Chase Freedom cards

    Like other cards in the Chase Freedom family, Freedom Rise comes with the benefits of trip cancellation/interruption insurance for qualified events that prevent travel when booked using your card. You also receive purchase protection against damage and theft for qualified purchases made using the card. Check card terms and conditions for details.

    Lyft rides, Instacart and DoorDash delivery perks

    New cardmembers receive discounts from select Chase partners. These include discounts on Lyft rides through March 31, 2025. Those new to Freedom Rise also receive palatable perks: complimentary DoorDash delivery as well as an introductory membership with Instacart in the first three months of having the card.

    You’ll want to note that before the complimentary trial period is over, a new cardmember may elect to cancel their DashPass and Instacart memberships. Otherwise, after three months, the monthly DashPass and Instacart membership fees will apply.

    Is the Chase Freedom Rise the right credit card for me?

    Freedom Rise can help people new to credit cards start off their financial journey on the right foot. The card can help students and others new to credit earn cash back on routine purchases. It may even help you avoid late fees on bills by automating monthly payments.

    How do I apply for a Chase Freedom Rise credit card?

    To apply for a Chase Freedom Rise credit card, visit a Chase branch and ask for someone to assist you. To open a Chase checking account or apply for a credit card, you will need to submit proof of identity such as a passport, driver’s license or Social Security Card.

    For students and others new to credit cards, having an open Chase checking account for at least three days with a minimum of $250 in deposits may improve their chances of being approved for Freedom Rise. When you’re interested in a Chase card and want to track your credit score, you can enroll in Chase Credit Journey®, a free online platform that allows you to monitor your credit score and offers tips on how to build and improve your credit.


    Earning cash back on purchases is a big reason why people choose Chase Freedom Rise and the Freedom family of cards. You could receive a higher credit limit in as few as six months—check card terms and conditions for details.

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