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Should I Consider a Small Business Gas Credit Card?

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    For any small business whose livelihood is dependent on travel or transportation, expenses can add up fast, particularly gas. Whether you're driving to sales calls or making deliveries, the cost of fuel is a significant business consideration.

    Some companies have found that using a small business gas credit card helps alleviate a bit of that burden. In this article, we'll share how a gas credit card can help maximize your fuel costs, as well as other strategic reasons you may want to consider it for your business.

    What is a small business gas credit card?

    A small business gas credit card is a credit card specifically designed for small businesses to maximize the value they get from gas expenses. Beyond that, a gas credit card can act as an insightful financial tool that helps you manage the entire expense category of fuel.

    Not only does the card give you important access to credit, but most gas cards also offer points for every dollar you spend. You can then use those rewards to redeem for fuel purchases, discounts or cash back.

    What are the benefits of having a gas credit card for my small business?

    Gas credit cards offer several key benefits to small businesses.

    Ability to earn rewards

    Gas cards often offer rewards such as cash back, discounts, loyalty points or discounts on fuel. If gas is a large spend category for you, it may make sense to earn rewards every time you use the card at the pump. Likely, you'll also earn rewards on other purchases, not just transactions at gas stations.

    Streamline expense tracking

    With most cards, you'll get regular transaction reports outlining transaction details that help you understand where the company is spending every dollar. This can simplify the entire internal expense management process.

    Furthermore, the reports may help you identify spending trends down toa regional basis, and help with seasonal budget planning.


    Gas credit cards offer a convenient and efficient payment method for frequent business expenses such as gas – especially for your employees. Having employees use a company credit card often means you can eliminate any cumbersome reimbursement process, therefore streamlining the accounts payable process for both employees and business owners.


    Using a gas credit card to make purchases means you may have peace of mind. Most cards come with security features like fraud monitoring and zero-liability. These features protect businesses against unauthorized transactions.

    Additional perks and protections

    Beyond the benefits at the pump, small business gas credit cards usually offer other desirable perks including purchase protection, extended warranties, travel insurance and roadside assistance.

    What else should I research before choosing a gas credit card for my business?

    Complex reward structures. Some cards have complicated reward structures that make it challenging to understand how to earn and redeem rewards. You'll want to avoid rewards programs that require excessive effort to maximize your benefits. Look for straightforward rewards programs that align with the needs of your business and don't add unnecessary confusion.

    Redemption restrictions. Be aware of any redemption restrictions on gas rewards or cash back. It's prudent to choose a card that offers redemption options in a way that suits your needs and preferences.

    Limited acceptance at gas stations in your region. You'll want to ensure that the gas credit card you choose is widely accepted at the gas stations your company frequently uses. You don't want to use a card that has limited location acceptance because it could disrupt your operations. Check if the card is affiliated with any major fuel retailers or has a broad network of partner stations ensuring convenient access.

    Fees and interest rates. Pay attention to fees such as annual fees or transaction fees. Read the terms and conditions before applying and find the answers to important questions. For example, is there an annual fee? In addition, confirm the interest rate associated with the card. These may not necessarily be disqualifiers but you should gather all pertinent information before making a decision.

    Credit limit. It's a good idea to assess if the credit limit makes sense for your business and your typical spending. Some card issuers will increase your credit limit after a period of time receiving consistent on-time payments.

    What is the Ink Business Cash Credit Card?

    If you're looking for a small business card that offers cash back for your spending across many relevant categories including gas stations, office supplies, restaurants and more, check out the Ink Business Cash® credit card from Chase. It's designed with features and benefits specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses. Among them, you'll find:

    • A cash back rewards program where rewards can be earned on categories such as gas stations, office supply stores, internet, cable, and phone services.
    • An introductory bonus offer is awarded when you meet the spend requirements within a certain period of time after opening your account.
    • Low annual fee (as of May 2023).
    • Employee cards are available at no additional cost.
    • Perks such as purchase protection, extended warranties and travel emergency assistance.

    In summary

    Selecting a gas credit card for your small business can be an important decision that impacts the bottom line. You'll want to consider cards that offer rewards or cash back specifically tailored to fuel expenses, while also considering which gas stations accept the card as payment.

    By choosing a small business credit card that aligns with your business's financial goals, you can maximize your dollars, streamline tracking and enjoy the many conveniences that credit cards offer.

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