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Organizing hacks for every room in your home

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    Whether you're in an apartment or house, organization can be tough. While it's nice to make sure everything in your home has a spot, it can sometimes take some creative problem solving. These home organization hacks can help you keep each room in your home organized and tidy.

    Kitchen organization hacks

    The kitchen can be a challenging space to organize. With pots, pans, silverware, dishes and appliances all taking up space, you may find you're feeling crowded. 

    • Use drawer organizers: Use smaller organizers to add compartments to drawers. This will allow you to group similar items together while also making the most out of the space. Plus, you'll likely find it much easier to find the tool you're looking for when you don't have to dig through an unorganized drawer. 
    • Hang your cookware: Pots and pans can take up a lot of precious cabinet space, so you may want to consider hanging a pot rail. This can be as simple as installing a copper pipe from a local hardware store on your wall. You can then use something like a shower hook to hang your cookware up and get some space back. 
    • Try cord keepers: If you have appliances like stand mixers or an air fryer that you keep out on your countertop, consider using a cord keeper. This will give you a space to wrap up the cord when you're not using it and reduce the clutter on your counter. 
    • Add storage: One way to add storage to a crowded kitchen is to use the sides of your cabinets. For instance, if there's a cabinet next to your sink, consider installing a caddy to hold your dish soap and sponges to get them off the counter or out of the sink. You can also try adding a wire bin on the inside of a cabinet door to hold your cutting boards. 
    • Use small spaces: If you have a little extra room between your fridge and the wall, try adding a narrow but tall storage unit with wheels. It can be a good place to store things like canned goods or spices and will roll in and out easily.

    Bathroom organization hacks

    If you're looking for a better way to organize your towels and toiletries, these organizing hacks may help you realize your bathroom has more space than you thought. 

    • Add shelving: Bathrooms don't always have the most storage space, so consider adding some. This could be an over-the-toilet shelving unit or individual shelves on the walls. Even if your bathroom is small, you'll likely be able to find some tiny shelves to hang that will get you a little bit more room. 
    • Bag-up toys: If you have a little one at home, you may struggle to find a good way to store bath toys. A simple solution is to put the toys in a mesh bag and then hang it from a hook that you stick to the side of the tub. 
    • Hang your tools: Finding a convenient way to store your hair tools may make your mornings feel a little bit easier. Try hanging some hooks on the wall to hang your hair tools or affix a small bin to the inside of a cabinet door to get your tools out of the way. 
    • Use a caddy: If your shower is lacking storage, use a tiered, hanging shower caddy to get your products up off the floor. Caddies come in a variety of colors and finishes, so try not to picture the plastic one you carried around in college. 
    • Try shelf risers: If you have a cabinet that could use a bit more shelving, try using shelf risers. These will essentially double your storage without having to hang anything up on the walls.

    Living room and bedroom organization hacks

    The living room and bedroom are also two rooms you'll likely want to keep in tip-top shape. Living rooms are often one of the most-used rooms in a home, so finding simple ways to stay organized can be helpful. Home organization is also important in a bedroom, as you likely want it to be as zen as possible. 

    • Try blanket baskets: If you find you have extra blankets and pillows cluttering your couch, consider purchasing a couple baskets to provide a space for them. Having them folded and stacked can help you feel a bit more organized. You can also put a basket in your bedroom so you have a place to put extra blankets or your decorative pillows. 
    • Get multi-use furniture: Another way to reduce clutter or add storage in a living room is to get furniture that does more than one thing. For instance, a coffee table or ottoman that has additional storage within it. This can help give you a place to put things like remotes and coasters when you're not using them. You can also use this trick in your bedroom if you find you need more storage. 
    • Use under bed storage: Under your bed provides hidden, out-of-the-way storage for anything you need. You can either buy simple totes that are designed to fit under a bed, or invest in a platform bed with storage drawers built in. 
    • Get over-the-door storage: Over-the-door storage can provide a ton of extra space for whatever it is you need to organize. There are some that are made specifically to hold shoes, others for jewelry, and others that are a bit more versatile. 
    • Ditch the nightstand: If you're tight on space, consider using small floating shelves next to your bed instead of a nightstand. You'll still have whatever you need, but it will take up a lot less room.

    Closet organization hacks

    If your closet is filled to the brim, try some organizing hacks to eliminate clutter and organize your things in a more space-friendly way. Though before you start organizing, you may want to go through and declutter the items you no longer wear. 

    • Hang hooks: Add some metal hooks to your closet walls to hang things like bags and baseball caps to get them up and out of the way. 
    • Use seasonal bins: If you find your closet is feeling crowded, try using a seasonal approach. During the summer store your heavy sweaters and pants in storage bins up on a shelf, and in the winter put away your sundresses and shorts. 
    • Try tiered hangers: A simple way to save some space is to use tiered hangers. These will allow you to hang multiple pairs of pants (or whatever else) on a single hanger. 
    • Hang a peg board: Peg boards can be great for storing and organizing accessories such as jewelry and sunglasses. 
    • Add another clothing bar: If you have dead space in your closet, you can add another clothing bar or a shelf. This can be used for hanging clothing or storing things you aren't currently using. No wall space should go unused!

    What's more

    Organizing your home is a big but rewarding task. Implementing just a few organization hacks in each room can help take your home from cluttered to tidy!

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