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Managing your money with the Chase Mobile® app

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    Money plays a major role in most aspects of our lives, and let’s be honest, it’s often a little daunting. Managing your money can feel like a full-time job. You might even have early memories of your parents hunched over kitchen table with their bills, figuring out different ways to stay on top of their finances.

    That approach might’ve worked for your parents back in the day, but modern times call for modern solutions. These days, you can get a better handle on managing money on your terms — with the convenience of the Chase Mobile® app. Here’s how:

    Chase Snapshot℠

    When you log into your Chase account via the Chase Mobile® app, one of the first things you’re likely to notice is a section marked Chase Snapshot℠. This feature provides a quick overview of your account so you’re always aware of the broad strokes, including things like:

    • Credit and debit usage
    • Cash flow
    • Major spending categories
    • Checking and savings balances


    One of the first pages you can access after logging into your Chase Mobile® app is your “Accounts” page. Of all the pages essential to managing money effectively, this may be the most important. It’s where you can access several essential features:

    • Account information: The “Accounts” page can be used to view and manage your existing Chase accounts, as well as open new ones. You can also link your external accounts, so you have all your finances available in one convenient location.
    • Savings features: In addition to seeing and managing your accounts, you also have access to a variety of savings features. For example, you could use Autosave with your Chase checking account to automate your contributions to your Chase savings account.
    • Credit Journey: Monitoring your credit is an essential part of improving your credit score and empowering your financial planning and management. Having a good credit score helps you finance bigger purchases like a car or home, or when applying for a credit card. Typically, the higher the score, the better the rate, which can help save you money over time. Credit Journey offers a one-of-a-kind feature where you choose your goal, set a time frame and get a personalized score improvement plan powered by Experian™. You can also keep track of your credit activity and get updates regularly to help protect your accounts and personal info. Best of all, Chase Credit Journey is free for everyone — no Chase account is required.
    • Planning and budgeting tools: There was a time when planning a budget would’ve involved a lot of paperwork (and legwork). Thankfully, the budgeting tools you have access to on the Chase Mobile® app streamline the process for you, all you need to do is enter a few key details to get started with a budget that’s tailored to your goals.
    • Chase MyHome: Helps you at every stage of homeownership — from seeing how much you can afford and searching for homes and loans, to managing your mortgage and understanding the value of your home. All things home, all in one place.
    • All things auto: Get financing and tailored insights to help you buy and own a car.

    Pay & transfer

    The “Pay & transfer” page serves as your one-stop payments portal. Here, you can:

    • Pay bills: Paying your bills can be a chore, but it’s one you can potentially automate with the bill pay features found in your Chase Mobile® app.
    • Transfers funds: This feature lets you transfer money between your Chase accounts. This can come in handy if you need to move some money from savings to checking to cover an emergency expense, for instance.
    • Deposit checks: Did you know you can deposit your paper checks with just a few clicks using mobile deposit? Gone are the days of having to schedule time to deposit a check on a busy day — now you can get it done at your own convenience.
    • Make wire transfers: If you’re trying to send a payment to an external account, or to send money overseas, you can use the mobile app to conduct a wire transfer.
    • Send and receive money fast with Zelle®: Instantly access your money — no fees — with Zelle®. Pay and get paid back instantly from almost anyone you know and trust who has a bank account in the U.S. (no matter where they bank) with Zelle®.

    Plan & track

    The “Plan & track” page is another essential part of the arsenal when it comes to effectively managing money. Some of the key features found here include:

    • Account aggregation: Along with the “Accounts” page, you can also use the “Plan & track” page to link and monitor your external accounts. This useful feature lets you access all your financial information in a single place so you can see where your money is going.
    • Spending summary: Seeing your spending summary can reveal a lot of different trends and patterns in your spending. This may help you identify an opportunity to adjust your spending. You might find, for instance, that you’ve been spending far more on takeout than you realized.
    • Planning tools: Finally, there's a full suite of tools designed to help you improve your budgeting and saving. Additionally, the app features home and auto tools to estimate rates, manage your financing and more.

    Benefits & travel

    The “Benefits & travel” page is your portal to view and manage the Chase Ultimate Rewards® points you earn with every purchase from your qualifying Chase credit cards, and then some. Here you’ll find:

    • Points balance: Instantly view your current points balances across your Chase credit accounts, including pending balances from transactions that haven’t cleared yet.
    • Redemption options: There are several ways to redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points, including buying gift cards, giving yourself cash back as a statement credit or account deposit, paying for purchases with points, booking travel and transferring points to other partners’ loyalty programs. Redemption rates may vary based on card type and ongoing promotional offers.
    • Perks and benefits: Your Chase Ultimate Rewards® credit card comes with a slew of perks and benefits worth checking out, including access to exclusive travel rewards, exciting dining options and more.
    • Chase Offers: Take advantage of great deals at the places you love in the Chase Mobile®️ app and With no coupons, codes, or registration required, it’s as simple as finding your favorite brands and adding the deals right to your card.
    • Exclusive shopping deals: Chase cardmembers additionally have access to the Shop through Chase® portal, which often features additional discounts and points incentives at merchants across all different categories.

    Security center

    Last, but by absolutely no means least, is the “Security center,” which can be accessed via your profile settings. This is your hub for customizing alerts that notify you when there’s a purchase or withdrawal from your account that’s over a certain amount. Alerts like these are essential to managing money in the digital era, as they can give insight into potentially fraudulent activity or balances that are going over budget. You can also use the security center to keep track of which apps and companies you're sharing your account information with.

    In summary

    The prospect of managing your money can be daunting to some, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s tracking your expenses, setting a budget or building your credit (and enjoying its perks), the Chase Mobile® app takes your finances off the kitchen table and puts them squarely in your hands, so you can manage money in a way that works for you.

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