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How to sell your house fast

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    Selling your home might seem like a big task — especially if you’re looking to do it quickly. Whether you need to relocate due to a job change, downsizing, retirement or you’re looking to liquidate your asset as soon as possible, there are a few things to consider in order to sell your house fast. Let’s explore some tips and tricks that might hopefully have your home flying off the market.

    Decide how you want to sell

    One of the first things you may want to explore is how you want to sell your home. There are different ways to market and sell your property. Some ways might be faster than others, but ultimately it all depends on your circumstances and personal preferences. You could list your home online, work with a real estate agent, use an iBuyer or maybe even go it alone and list it for sale by owner.

    Listing your home online

    There are two different ways to list your home online. You can use public listing services or hire a listing agent. Listing your home on public listing services tends to be relatively simple. Once you find a trusted, popular website, you’ll typically be asked to upload information about your home through a series of prompts. Once your home is listed, relevant buyers may begin inquiring.

    Hiring a listing agent is advantageous because listing agents have exclusive access to multiple listing services (MLS).

    Work with a real estate agent

    Working with a real estate agent is another way you can sell your home. As mentioned, real estate agents have access to MLS, which will market your home to other real estate agents browsing homes to buy for their clients. Full service real estate agents will handle everything from listing your home, to coordinating with potential buyers to, finally, helping you close. Real estate agents are typically savvy with public listing websites as well, sometimes creating multiple sale profiles for your home so the listing gets more exposure across platforms.

    iBuyer (instant buyer) options

    An iBuyer, or instant buyer is another sales method to explore. An iBuyer is defined as a technology company in the business of buying and selling real estate. They typically market themselves as an easy way to sell (and sometimes buy) properties.

    iBuyers may not be the most convenient because they don’t operate in all states. Another downside to using an iBuyer service is that you might not get the most competitive offer. It’s best used for those who really want to sell their homes fast and aren’t as concerned about receiving an exact price.

    For sale by owner (FSBO)

    If you’re listing your home on an online service without the help of a real estate professional, then you’re likely listing your home for sale by owner (FSBO). Although, if it’s your first time doing FSBO, it may not be the quickest way to get your home off the market since you’re doing everything regarding the sale on your own. In addition to using public listing services, you may consider other methods like social media, print ads or public marketplaces.

    Ways to optimize selling a home fast

    Once you’ve decided the best method to sell your home fast, you can begin optimizing your sale. You may want to take some of the following steps:


    A professional photographer may be a helpful way to optimize your home sale. Listings with professional, high-quality photos are typically more attractive than listings with poor quality photos, possibly eliciting more interest. Professional photographers may get angles and use lenses that make your home look especially enticing.

    Pricing your home competitively

    Another way to optimize your home sale and get it off the market quickly is by pricing it competitively. You can land on a competitive price by comparing your home to other, similar homes on the market and listing it a bit lower. Even a small price reduction (compared to similar homes in your neighborhood) could be the difference between something that falls in someone’s budget vs. something that doesn’t.

    Making necessary repairs

    Repairing your home is another way to optimize your home sale. It’s a good time to consider what you may be able to fix that might’ve otherwise deterred an interested buyer. For example, you might touch up on your home’s paint job, or fix any visible plumbing and electrical issues that might affect your home’s curb appeal.

    Trying for all-cash offers

    Accepting an all-cash offer is another way to potentially expedite and optimize your home sale. If a potential buyer is using a mortgage to finance the purchase, there’s a risk the financing (and therefore the sale) might fall through or become delayed. With an all-cash offer, you know that your party has the money ready and won’t have to finance the purchase with a loan.

    Learn about staging or e-staging

    Staging, or e-staging, your home can help make your listing more appealing. Staging your home involves bringing in artwork and special furniture to showcase the space as best as you can. E-staging is a similar process but is done digitally. Because of this, e-staging typically has a lower cost and less heavy lifting involved (literally) than staging your home in person.

    Adding perks to the deal

    Adding perks to the deal may help sell your house faster. There are a few perks you might consider adding, such as covering inspection costs or offering closing cost credits. Closing cost credits are when the seller agrees to pay a certain percentage of closing costs for the buyer to help offset the amount of money they ultimately spend on the transaction.

    Preparing to move

    Finally, you’ll want to start preparing for your move:

    1. Decluttering your home: One of the first steps you might want to take is decluttering your home. This could mean really getting in the trenches — your basement, the attic and even that mysterious storage box you might’ve completely forgotten about. Getting rid of or donating extraneous items will help make your move less cumbersome.
    2. Hosting an estate sale: An estate sale is an auction where people essentially list every item they have for sale. It’s often done after the death of a loved one or to facilitate a big move. Opening up your home and selling non-necessities might be one way to get things moving.
    3. Yard or garage sales: Similarly, a yard or garage sale is held — quite literally — out of someone’s yard or garage. It’s typically a way to unload various knick-knacks, clothing and other items that you no longer use or need. Think of it as a spring-cleaning moment.
    4. Timing your move: Timing your move is another helpful way to prepare, especially if you’re in a rush. It can be frustrating if your current residence overlaps with another lease, you buy a place before your current home sells or you sell your home and don’t have a place to go. Getting your ducks in a row and checking things off sequentially can help you prepare and ultimately time your move as best as you can.

    In summary

    There are many situations where you as a homeowner may be looking to sell your home fast. Deciding how you want to sell is one of the first helpful ways to get yourself organized. As you plan, figuring out additional ways to optimize your sale like hiring a professional photographer, pricing your home competitively or making necessary repairs are some things to consider. A lot can happen all at once, which is why preparing for your move is another way to help set you up for a successful — and fast — home sale.

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